YouTube Vanced Tuber Apps Uses

YouTube Vanced Tuber Apps Uses

What is YouTube Vanced? This is a better version of the official YouTube that is very popular, mostly among people with Android phones. It has more features that you will never find on official YouTube and allows you to do a lot more than normal. For instance, you could repeat the video you have just watched because there is an option. You might wonder whether it is safe because you have probably used official YouTube for only. The good news is, it is safe, and it does not collect your stuff.

Download music

You can stream music from this app in the best way because there are many various resolutions to choose from. Several options are available depending on what you like. What quality do you want to download the song in? You could also batch your playlists and choose what method you want to save your streamed songs. Maybe you had some music from Billie Eilish; when you download more from her and go to your playlist, you will find them among her songs.

Blocks adverts

While using the official YouTube, adverts become so many and keep interrupting you each time you start watching a video. Well, that is one advantage you will have when using the Vanced Tuber because it blocks all the advertisements for you. When you start watching any video, you will not even realize how fast it has played because the process is very smooth. No adverts between watching.

Background playing

While watching a video here, you have the advantage of doing other stuff while the song or documentary is playing. It could be that you are chatting with your friends while listening or even reading a book from your phone while enjoying the song. This experience helps you relax, even when you are working on different things on the same platform.

Audio converter

This app allows you to convert the video you are downloading into audio and save you space. Some devices do not have enough spaces to hold videos, which occupy a lot of space. Some people enjoy having songs in audio forms, which allows you to use the song as your ringtone. In video form, it can be hard to convert the song into your ringtone.

  • It enables you to move from the light theme because it has a black theme, which reduces the brightness.
  • Increases the speed of any video you are watching
  • Enables you to highlight any segments you want in any colors you wish to use

Allows you to 

  • zoom devices on your phone by just pinching


Final Words

This app makes the whole downloading music process easier because it does not charge and has many features that are not on the official version. Once you have this app, you will not need the other downloaders, and most importantly, it is very smooth in the sense that there are no adverts.