What to do for installing my HP printer if I don’t have a CD

When you are going to get your work done with your printer, you have to install the printer with your computer. Most of the printers come with an installation CD with the help of which you can install your printer. If you lost the installation CD or if your system doesn’t have a CD driver, then there are other ways with the help of which you can install your printer. In this blog, we will discuss the process by following which you can install the HP printer. In this process, if you need, you can take help from the team of HP Printer Support. This third party service provider is always ready to help HP printer users.

Installing HP printer without a CD

If you want to install the HP printer without a CD, in the starting, first you have to find out the model number of the HP printer that you are using. You can find out the model number in the front or back of the printer.

In the second step, you need to visit the HP Support center website after which from there you should download the printer drivers. To download the drivers, you have to go to the website and then search the model of your printer to download the suitable driver for it.

After that, you have to follow the instruction which you can find in the package and then connect the HP printer with the computer.

Now, proceed to the start menu in your computer from where you have to go to the control panel. In the control panel, you need to select the printers which you can find under the Hardware. Now click on the “Add Printer” button. To install the printer, you have to use a suitable port.

In the last step, you need to select the brand of your printer which is HP along with the model number. Now, you have to click on the “Next” button and then allow the wizard so that it can install your printer. Now, check if the printer is installed or not by printing a test page.

By following these steps you can easily install the HP printer without having a CD. HP Printer Support team is also there who can help you in operating your HP printer.

HP Printer Support

HP Printer Support team is a customer support service provider who is there to help the HP printer user when they face any issue in operating the HP printer. The team can help you in installing the HP printer also without a CD. To talk with the experts of the HP Printer Support, you need to call at 1-888-621-0339. To enjoy their service, you don’t have to carry your printer to anywhere. Moreover, they offer service without taking any hidden charges. If you want to enjoy the HP Printer Support service at a minimal price, subscribe to the monthly or yearly packages offered by them.

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