Warpage and deformation of common problems in injection molding


Warpage and deformation of injection products are very difficult problems. Mainly from the mold design to solve the problem, and the forming conditions of the adjustment effect is very limited. The causes and solutions of warpage and deformation can refer to the following items:

1) When the deformation is caused by the residual stress caused by the forming conditions, the stress can be eliminated by reducing the injection pressure, increasing the mold temperature, increasing the resin temperature or annealing.

2) When the stress deformation is caused by bad demoulding, it can be solved by increasing the number or area of push rods and setting the demoulding angle.

3) If the cooling method is not suitable and the cooling time is not uniform or sufficient, the cooling method can be adjusted and the cooling time can be extended. For example, a cooling circuit can be set as close to the deformation as possible.

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4) For the deformation caused by forming shrinkage, it is necessary to modify the mold design. Among them, the most important thing is to make the wall thickness of products consistent. Sometimes, in the case of necessity, we have to adjust the mold in the opposite direction by measuring the deformation of the product. In general, the deformation of crystalline resin (such as polyformaldehyde, nylon, polypropylene, polyethylene and PET resin) is larger than that of non crystalline resin (such as PMMA resin, PVC, polystyrene, ABS resin and as resin). In addition, due to the fiber orientation of glass fiber reinforced resin, the deformation is also large.



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