Top Trend of Future Mobile App Development for Android and iOS


Today, the technology industry has spread their wing across the world and also growing rapidly day by day. In all these, mobile app is revolution in the mobile technology. Today, every news startups and well established enterprises are developing mobile app for their better future. In this cutting-edge competition, mobile app is now becoming a business necessity.

Now come to the point, what is the future of mobile app development? Just by seeing the current status, we assume that mobile app development will give a shape to our dreams in reality. Here we are listed five rising trends that they will be seen in the nearby future.

Cross- Device App Development

In the world, many people use Android devices, some others use Apple iPhone and remains are using Windows mobile. So creating an app that runs only one platform and remain OS is not supported. It could be wrong for the business owner. In result, entrepreneurs will lose their half customers or clients. So business owner must develop a cross device app that supports or runs on all platform, whether is Android or iOS.

Mobile App Development for the IoT

Upcoming years of mobile app development are not simply for the mobile and tablets. We are going in to the direction of cloud computing. Mobile app development for the Internet of Things will be even bigger in the near future, even though current efforts aren’t paying off yet. We’ve seen examples of other IoT products such as the self-driving car by Google, the Nest thermostat, the Ring that controls everything, the fridge that reads your tweets and so on.

More powerful Development Tools

The upcoming time for the mobile app development will be more powerful as many powerful tools will be used in the developing industry. The growth of mobile app development has been noticed by the market. The Powerful tools, especially cross-platform tools are well on the rise and development tool makes it easier for developers to build mobile apps.

There are third-party tools for almost every step of a mobile developer’s workflow, from cloud servers to app analytics. One of the current hot topics in development tools to take note of is MBaaS or Mobile Back-end as a Service.

Rapid Development

In the future, mobile app development process will be finished in a less time. This will be beneficial for the mobile app development companies as they will develop many apps in a short time.This goes hand in hand with the rise of third-party tools that are meant to reduce the tedious work actually performed by mobile developers today.

Enterprise Apps

Enterprise apps will be the golden future of the mobile app development. It will be used more than consumer apps. Why? Simply put, it’s just a lot harder to squeeze cash out of the consumer. Businesses, on the other hand, are a lot more willing to part with their cash if the product promises them greater productivity and reduced overall costs.