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While they are typically reliable, with the most exacting of environments, but still H.P. printers are problematic several times and that we all apprehend printers fail at the foremost untimely moments. For an IT support skilled, it is vital to understand the way to fix the foremost common issues related to these printers. Printers are nice at work however after they do not it may be extraordinarily frustrating. Here's a way to solve a number of the foremost common issues. Printers will run dependably for several years and thousands of prints; however, they'll conjointly malfunction or finish off entirely. 

Typically the rationale is as easy as over- or underneath use. Many of us merely don’t use their inkjet printers usually enough of late and this may result in issues with dried-up ink obstruction the nozzles. Overuse is a smaller amount common than misuse: paper clips, hair bands and even food will represent printers and cause paper jams.

Fix printing problems: 
The printer won’t print

There are various potentialities on why your printer will not print, therefore begin with the fundamentals, like checking to ascertain whether or not there's a slip-up message or visual signal on the printer, ensuring there's paper within the receptacle, the USB cable is obstructed in or the printer is connected to Wi-Fi. And if it's a wireless printer, strive employing a USB cable instead. 
Sometimes the explanation it will not print is as a result of you've got put in some software system that includes a 'virtual' printer and this has set itself because the default, therefore once you hit Print in Word, you are truly saving a file rather than causing the document to your real printer. To check, open the board from the beginning menu. Then visit Printers, right-click the right printer to use and set it.

I can’t print from my phone or tablet
To print from your iPad or iPhone the printer should not solely be wireless, however additionally support AirPrint. The list of AirPrint printers is growing, however, lots of printers, notably old models, that don’t support it. If you have got a Mac with a printer connected, you'll flip it into AirPrint printer through HandyPrint. 

Replace the cartridges
Printers give warning of low ink before it actually runs out. A home user printing solely sometimes may realize that it lasts another few weeks, if not months. Order new cartridges as before long because the message seems, however, don’t install them till it either stops printing or the colours fade.
HP has a remarkable theme with several of its printers wherever you pay per month and cartridges mechanically attain the proper time.

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