The Pros and Cons of the Electric Chain Saw


While many individuals enjoy the convenience and portability of gas powered chain saws. However, there are many that are starting to discover the advantages of working with an corded electric chainsaw. Units that depend on gas for power are typically quite heavy. In addition to this, they often require a high level of maintenance. If you only depend on a chain saw for tasks on occasion, it may be best to choose an electric chain saw. If you are interested in this type of system, it is important to understand the pros and cons associated with chain saws that are powered by electricity.

The first advantage to owning an electric chain saw is that you will save money as there will be no need to purchase gas for the chain saw. Unfortunately, while you will only need electricity to power your saw, the power that is produced by the electric model will typically be much less than that of a gas powered unit.

Many individuals use chain saws to cut down large trees. If you are intending to indulge in this type of activity, it is best to choose a gas powered saw as the electric one will be unable to perform this task.

Electric chain saws are highly beneficial due to the fact that they are portable and are considered to be lightweight. Unfortunately, they are typically attached to a power cord that is approximately one hundred feet or less in length.

Gas chain saws are not attached to a cord so you are able to take them anywhere. Overall, electric based saws are less expensive than gas powered units and are easier to maintain. If you are performing basic trimming or just pruning, this is the perfect choice. There are many models available and you will find that they are easier to operate than most gas powered models available. Chain saws could turn out to be quite the large-scale eater- and that is a reality. Apart from eating up most of its user's energy just by the mere holding of it, they could consume quantities and quantities of fossil fuel just to keep itself going on and on throughout its whole operation cycle.

Not only would the fossil fuel consumption of regular chainsaws be a burden on the person's pocket, it is also not very environmentally friendly. They would emit carbon monoxide, and this is attributed to the fact that they burn up fossil fuels and spew out the waste materials to the outside world. To cure this, Remington offers its latest product- the Remington Electric Chain saw RM1415A. The new chainsaw promises to be feasible in its job, as well as to be very efficient in handling energy resources for a greener earth. So is this little chap worth your investment? Read on to find out.

Straight out of the box, the Remington Chain saw would look and actually feel light, with the machine weighing 7 lbs. It should also be noted that such weight is below the industry average for chainsaws and related equipment. That alone can guarantee you that this product is as light.