Project Phoenix8 Rewarded Contributors with a Gold-Plated Token


“This is a symbolic gift for our early contributors only. The gold-plated coin can’t be bought anywhere for any money. We only issued one hundred of them and each contributor received one of them, numbered with a unique number from one to one hundred.”

The metal coin is delivered in a big black box, along with organic cotton, printed black bag.

The box is printed on the outside with a Project Phoenix8 logo and “Changing the Future Together” statement in gold colour.

On the inside, the box is coated with soft, velvet-like fabric, containing two items: a special note from the founder and a gold-plated coin in a plastic box.

The note is also a certificate of authenticity where a serial number of the coin–from one to one hundred–is presented. There is also a nice, holographic seal on the front of the note, confirming the originality of the certificate and of the coin.

The backside of the certificate is used for the description of the coin and technical data, like diameter (1,77 in), thickness (0,12 in), weight (1,40 ounces), coin surface (24 karat gold, 999.999), etc.

The text in the inside reads: “Dear PP8 Member! With this special PP8 coin, we would like to express our deepest appreciation and gratitude for the participation in the Project Phoenix8. Take this gift as a remembrance of our groundbreaking technology that has already set new standards for a green industry of the future and a new step towards a cleaner planet – with your help as well.”

The note is signed by Roberto Hroval plus a facsimile signature.

The coin itself is beautifully crafted on both sides, with logos, an image of a phoenix bird, and a “token PP8 limited edition” inscription. 

Let’s recall what exactly the project PP8 is. The three-patents-ready special technology, called Product Reincarnation Technology™, transforms worn-out and discarded hydrocarbons, like scrap plastic and waste tires, into basic ingredients. 

The process is totally green, with no emissions whatsoever. Besides, 98% of everything that is put into the reactor is transformed into fuel, carbon black, metals… or, with additional module, electricity or even brand-new original product.

The technology is equally good accepted by academics, experts, investors, media, and the general public. Many renowned media outlets published articles about it, like Fox network, ABC network, Bloomberg, Chicago Tribune, Los Angeles Times, Daily Press, Washington Herald, Capital Gazette, LeMonde (France), London Tribune (UK), Informazione (Italy), Livedoor (Japan), etc.

The technology is also discussed on the most prestigious Universities´ blogs like Harvard University, Stanford University, University of Oxford, and many others as well. 

The first factory will be built in Europe. This 1,13 billion dollar project–that is about to be scaled to 22 billion–is aiming to disrupt the waste-to-energy market, solving two major problems every country faces: what to do with ever-increasing waste and where to get cheap energy that is independent on the weather.