Performance issues caused by McAfee antivirus software

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McAfee has always been used to protect your system from the attacks of unwanted threats, virus attacks, or any other harmful elements. It ensures complete protection of your system from all the online risks which can harm your device while using the internet.

Sometimes installing McAfee can slow down the performance of your computer. It happens because after installing McAfee, it uses all the resources which result in the windows taking more time to think, hence taking more time to respond. But it is not possible to uninstall the antivirus and then increase the performance as protecting your system from viruses is equally important. In such cases, you need to apply different ways through which you can improve the speed of your system as well as protect it side by side. You can also ask for support from the technical experts available at McAfee Technical Support Number.

Here are some techniques to be applied to remove the performance issues caused by McAfee antivirus software:

  • Firstly, change the settings of McAfee from constant protection to constant surveillance. This can be done as:

  1. Open the McAfee software.

  2. Open the navigation panel.

  3. From the protection tab, change the option from constant protection to constant surveillance.

This should be avoided when you are surfing un-trusted websites. That time full McAfee protection should be enabled so that your system is completely protected. While using surveillance mode, for extra protection you should manually scan all the external devices connected. You can also contact at McAfee Phone Number if you are facing issues while using McAfee.

  • Next, you can stop McAfee from using extra resources as this will prevent slowing down your system. From the start menu, type ‘msconfig’ in the search option and run that program. Now navigate to ‘start up’ tab and uncheck the boxes related to the McAfee.

  • You can disable all the unnecessary McAfee scans to avoid any interference with the work. You can manually scan every day at a fixed time in order to prevent the performance issues.

  • Some other ways to improve performance issues are:

  1. The installation of McAfee should be done properly and should be genuine as well.

  2. If the computer has become suddenly slow, then update the antivirus software and then check if the speed has improved.

  3. Uninstall all other antivirus software or firewalls except McAfee.

  4. If nothing works, reboot your system and then check.

All these tips can be applied easily to fix the performance issues caused by installing McAfee in your system. If nothing works, then you should consult a technician about the issue which is round the clock available at McAfee Help Number. They will definitely provide you with an effective solution for any of the McAfee issues.