HP Customer Support Number - Get rid of Black Screen Error on HP Desktop Computer

hp desktop computer support

This could be one of the deadliest issues on a computer device. You would not like getting involved in such situation because the rectification process for this issue could be hectic. In this condition your HP tower will start but monitor will have only black or blank screen. Sometimes leaving an external media drives like: A DVD Disk, Thumb Drive, External Hard Drive may create temporary software malfunction, wherein disconnecting any such device will heal the computer back on next reboot. If no external storage media device connected or disconnecting could not resolve the issue-

  1. Hard Shut Down HP Desktop


  •  Unplug all external devices except mouse & keyboard
  • Turn the computer off
  •  Remove the man power cord from the Tower
  • Press and hold the Power button on CPU/Tower for 30 seconds
  • Reconnect the power cord
  •  Turn HP desktop on

The following process should help clearing temporary software confliction or malfunction. If the above task does not recover computer back to normal screen, then call HP Desktop Support Number and consult with the experts regarding the same issue.


  1. Reset Bios Settings


  •  Turn the Computer Off
  • Now Press the Power Button on tower
  • Soon HP logo comes on the screen, start tapping F10 key
  • Press Down Arrow key three times and Enter button twice
  •  Next HP desktop should reboot

If your computer is stuck at black screen yet, then it could be a sign of sudden hardware failure as well. For further diagnosis, we recommend you contacting HP Cutomer Support and experts will ask you to perform additional repair methods, which will help them creating further report and recommend solution accordingly.

If your HP desktop device is under manufacturer warranty will be repaired or replaced at no cost. To check for your device warranty status, open https://support.hp.com/us-en/checkwarranty and provide required information. If you cannot check your device warranty, then do not worry HP experts will help you with that too.

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