How WordPress FAQ plugin make WordPress Development Easy

Whether you are a website developer, visitor or a businessman, you are always short of time. As a developer or businessman you have a lot on your plate and as a website visitor, you want all your questions to be answered without picking up your phone.

FAQ page on the website seems to be a solution for all the involved parties.

The world became a better place for developers with the introduction of FAQ plugins. Reducing the time spent on development of FAQ pages, the WordPress FAQ plugin is a blessing to the WordPress development community.

Are you struggling with repetitively answering same questions? Take a deep breath and use FAQ plugin for your advantage. While this article will be highlighting the advantages of FAQ plugin for developers we will be focusing on the business and website visitor advantages too.

Do you know the FAQ page is a very good SEO booster and brings you more traffic?

How does the FAQ plugin make the development easy?

Primarily the FAQ plugin is an easy way to add FAQs to your website. But has deeper advantages than you have waded till now.  

Easy to Add FAQs

Imagine the coding time each developer would have to do spend to build FAQ pages.  With FAQ plugins, it becomes a 15-20 minutes task to make a customized FAQ page along with the questions and answers without any technical know-how of coding and testing.

Unlimited FAQ Creations

Had the FAQ taken the coding channel, there would always be a restriction on the number of questions that would be added to the FAQ page. The reason behind it is the time, money and database restrictions. With the shortcodes of plugins, it is easy to embed the FAQs into a website page, custom page or widget.

Multiple Language Support

Developers find it really time-consuming to support multi-language websites. FAQ plugins instantly offer multi-language support without the need of any translator plugin to be installed separately.

Easy to Edit

FAQs change quite often as your knowledge evolves, you understand the answers could be explained in a better way. Add, Edit or update the FAQs with a simple to use interface that allows developers make changes in real time.

Segment Categories Easily

The FAQs can be created in basic form as well as categories. Building categories makes FAQs SEO rich inherently.

Reusable FAQ

The FAQ forms created once can be used again at multiple places. No need to create the questions and answers all over again. Simply use the already created forms.

Render Customization

Adding an FAQ page after completion of the website becomes easy using the FAQ plugin as the customization of background, style, fonts and more makes it an easy target to attain.

Multisite Support

With Multisite support feature, the FAQ plugins make it possible to make the changes once via the admin panel and reflect the changes on all connected sites.

Advantages for website visitors

For website visitors, finding answers to their questions over an FAQ page that is powered by FAQ plugin is easier, quicker and more intuitive. Let us understand how:

Accordion or toggle style display of FAQs makes them easy to navigate and read through.

Users can sort the questions with simple drag and drop tool.

The sorting criteria range from the time of update to titles of the questions.

The users can check the stats of a question in real-time as the count of readers viewing the question is displayed.

Do you wish to build an FAQ page right away?

You must have understood that FAQ Plugins do a lot more than what a hard-coded FAQ page do for you. Seeing the SEO importance of FAQs, neglecting the absence of FAQs is a bad idea, especially when you have excellent free choices.

The FAQ plugins are an ultimate support tool to add FAQs almost instantly to the website rendering customization too. No longer would a developer spend time doing repetitive coding and the business would not require to answer the same questions again and again. With FAQ plugin you can answer the questions way before they are asked.  Save time, effort and money using the best plugins developed by experts. WP Worx FAQ plugin is a right way to build FAQ pages almost instantly that has been trusted by thousands of developers.

Utilize your time to do more productive and yielding tasks!