Printer is an essential device that is very important nowadays as we tend to take printouts of nearly everything from posters, pictures, documents to mails. With such wide range of usage, it becomes utmost necessity to have a printer in your house. If you have just bought a printer and looking for ways to install it to your Windows computer, this article help you to successfully install it and take print and i think this is the right guiding source for you.


Click on the Start menu at the desktop to launch the menu. In the menu, locate Computer and right-click on it to launch a drop-down menu. Select Properties to see which version of Windows is running on your computer. Windows 7 or later versions are good for installing printers.

Add a printer

From the Start menu, navigate to Devices and Printers. In the Devi

ces and Printers windows, click the Add a printer tab. Now select the type of printer you want to add. You can either add a local or you can choose a network, wireless or Bluetooth printer. Since you want to directly connect your printer to the computer, select a local one.

Select which port you want to use

In the next window, you can choose whether you want to select an existing port or you want to create a new one. These days most of the printers are manufactured to use either a USB port or a wireless connection.

Install the printer driver

There are various ways by which you can install the driver for your printer. If your printer is manufactured by a famous manufacturer, you just need to select from the available models and the system will install the right (printer) drivers for you. Generally these devices are supplied with an installation disk, so you can install the driver from it. In case you don't have installation disk, you can search for the driver online. Hp Support