How to fix Canon Printer error E03?


Canon Printers are one of the very best known brands of printers available in the market. It is best known for its good quality prints and performance. Canon has many varieties of printers available in the market with different variations. Today we will discuss Canon Printer error E03 which is quite common with Canon. We will try to know the reasons and also solutions to this error. If you are using Canon Printer and facing any kind of issue please contact Canon Printer Tech Support.

Reasons for Canon Printer error E03

There are so many reasons why this error occurs. Some of the very important reasons for the error are –

•    The printer cover is left open

•    Any kind of paper stuck inside the printer

•    If the paper sensor is damaged

•    If there is a hindrance in the paper roller movement because there is something stuck

Procedure to remove the Canon Printer error E03

Error E03 can be removed by following very simple steps that are mentioned below-

•    Paper Jam – One of the very common reasons for any kind of error in the printer is a paper jam. If there is a paper stuck in the printer or any bits of paper then also you might get this error. So to check this, first turn off the printer then open the printer door. Then check inside if you see any paper stuck inside or any bits of paper inside the printer. If you see any such things please clean it very carefully.

•    The printer cover is open – You will also see this error if the printers cover is open. So before you close the printer door just check if you see any paper stuck, if yes then remove the paper and close the cover. Then you can press the OK button to resolve the error. Then the printer will eject one blank paper then will resume the printing. One important point is that do not close or open the cover when the printing job is being done that will prevent the printer from any kind of damage.

•    Printer roller is not moving – If the paper roller is not moving then also you might face some errors. To check the same first you need to check if any bits of paper are stuck inside the printer. If yes then clean the roller with a clean cloth.

•    The paper sensor is damaged – To check if the printer sensor is damaged first you need to open the printer cover. You will have to clean the paper sensor with thinner or alcohol. Once you are done cleaning the sensor check again if you are still facing the same error. If you are still facing the same error then you will have to completely replace the sensors for which you can take help from Canon Printer Tech Support.

Canon Printer Tech Support

All the above-mentioned steps should definitely help you to remove the error. But if you find any difficulty in understanding the steps mentioned above or need help from experts about the error please contact the team at +1-888-621-0339. You can also write to the team at and the team will revert back to you. The team is available 24/7 for help.