The evolution of the Roomba - bObSweep

Canada - 12 of November - Aclean house is forever in style. In pursuit of saving time and having a pristine floor, the bObSweep Company introduces their latest and greatest vacuum cleaner, the bObSweep Vacuum, which is your superhero when it comes to vacuuming. If you’re too tired or busy for cleaning, why wasting precious energy when you can enjoy your tea and have your house cleaned up by an automatic robotic vacuum.

The history of vacuum cleaning is very long, as the first vacuum cleaners appeared somewhere around XIXth century and really changed our lives. Going from vacuum cleaning through a long tube coming from the outside to automatic vacuum cleaners that can do the job for you. These things are magic, imagine a small plastic box that is running on your floors, and everything that is left after them, is a shiny surface or a super clean carpet that you are too lazy or busy to actually vacuum by yourself. Roomba, presented nearly 20 years ago was the one who changed vacuuming and introduced the robotic fever as a global epidemic. The first robotic vacuum cleaner wasn’t perfect, having a lot of issues that eventually got fixed as time went by. But in 2015, a small Canadian robot came out of nowhere. It was bObSweep, the company that introduced their take on the automatic robot vacuum and instantly outshined all the other products in this market range. Their robots are called bObs, a funny name, but cool sounding and really easy to remember. The bOb is cleverer than the Roomba, even the first model of the range was offering a bigger dustbin, a longer lasting battery and better sweeping capacities overall. The latest reports on the iRobot product showed that they clean poorer than their predecessors, and their price only increased. A very big concern is the fact that Roomba robots gave cameras, that as customers say, spy on them. This way, the device became one of the most striking problems of privacy experts. The bObSweep is the better option, it doesn’t only clean, it doesn’t just sweep, it also mopping, vacuuming, sterilizing and removing any dust or pollen from the air. It also got easier access through a remote, it has an LCD screen and huge dustbin that is as easy to clean as saying “bOb”.

About bObSweep:

bObSweep is a great company that provides AI products for efficient house cleaning.

Company name: bObSweep

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