Eliminate HP Printer error code e8

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HP Printer is a reputed name in the world of the printers, which marked its existence in the market. It has stylish models with an affordable price, inbuilt technology, good hardware, and much more. All the models get compatible with all the devices and platforms. HP Sprocket is the latest model which is launched in the market keeping in the mind the Smartphone users. It has flawless printing quality; Auto-duplexer; Auto-cleaner; tremendous speed; portable; and much more.  In case you wish to know more about HP Printer models, you need to contact the executives at HP Customer Support Number to get your queries clear immediately. Often the users shared their dissatisfaction while handling the printer for their purposes. HP Printer error code e8 is marked as the common issue which the user encounters while commanding for print from it.

Such a problem might obstruct the user from using the device for their purposes as they will no longer be able to print their documents properly. It is often known as the light error which indicates an issue on the printer’s scanner carriages.  The main reason for the issue to occur on your screen is due to printer software related issue; connection lost in the scanner motor; the problem with the motor; and much more. Sometimes cleaning and dusting the printer might help you but it depends.

Are you getting the same issue on your computer screen again and again? Yes! Then have a glimpse at this below short blog to get help on your problems.

The root cause behind HP Printer error code e8

  • Due to the printer software related issue
  • There is a possibility of a loose connection of the scanner motor
  • Perhaps the problem lies in the motor
  • Due to the printer parts got deteriorate
  • There is a presence of dirt in the censor parts of the printers
  • Due to the poor internet connection
  • There is a low ink level in the ink cartridges
  • Maybe the device has met with the manufacturing defect

Troubleshooting steps to resolve HP Printer error code e8

  1. Make sure you have a good internet connection.
  2. Check whether the ink cartridge in the printer is empty or full.
  3. Try to open the top lid of the printer carefully.
  4. You need to remove the inner cover of the printer.
  5. Attempt to remove the lock of the ink cartridges lever as well as withdraw it from the printer.
  6. Look for the printer roller and remove all the clips to pull it out from the folder carefully.
  7. Now, with the help of the wet clean lint cloth, you need to try to clean the printer rollers and leave it dry.
  8. Attempt to place the rollers back in the printer.
  9.  Again, you need to rotate the printers towards the sideways as well as removing the nuts to take out the printer roller.
  10. You need to clean the roller in the same manner and reattach it after it gets dry.
  11. Attempt to reattach the roller back to the printer.
  12. Make sure all the nuts in the sideways are tight up.
  13. You need to place the scanner cover and look for the driver gears.
  14. Try to apply some oil in the gear driver to make smooth functioning of it.
  15. You need to close the printer properly and connect it to the power supply.
  16. Attempt to switch on the printer to check on the issue.
  17. We hope that the solutions provided above have assisted you properly in resolving the problem quickly. In case you are unable to fix the problem manually or you are getting other technical glitches for which you need help, then you need to contact the specialists at HP Customer Service Number to get an immediate solution.