Best Ethereum Wallet Guide For Free Airdrops

Ethereum is a blockchain-based, open-source and decentralized software platform used for Ether, which is its developed cryptocurrency. This platform was the first one to introduce Distributed Applications (ĐApps) and smart contracts. Ethereum is also a programming language that runs on a blockchain network, enabling developers to create and publish their DApps. An Ethereum wallet can be used to claim free airdrop. Today many websites give information on recent airdrops related to Ethereum. In this article, we will have a look on top Ethereum wallets to get free airdrops.

Top Ethereum Wallets To Claim Free Airdrops


1. My Ether Wallet 

This cryptocurrency wallet leads the list of top Ethereum wallets to get a free airdrop. With the use of My Ether Wallet, you can easily add custom tokens and control transactions. This is the best wallet for anyone who is a newbie and wants a free airdrop. My Ether wallet also has downloadable wallets like Keybase, Solar wallet and Lobstr that are reasonably easy to use.

2. Stellar

The Stellar airdrop has worth about $125 million. Stellar has partnered with so that they can perform a massive XLM airdrop. You will need to set up a blockchain wallet to claim your airdrop.


It provides a monthly airdrop called as the BitTorrent airdrop which will continue till 2025. This is the number one reason to go for TRON Ethereum wallet. Once your TRON wallet has been set up, you should start looking for free BTT tokens.

4. EOS 

EOS platform has been supporting about 260 projects so far. Once the EOS airdrop wallet ready, you can go for CoinDeal airdrop and collect a lot of free EOS based tokens.

5. NEO 

Airdrops based on NEO got attention in 2019. The NEO tracker wallet is a very user-friendly Ethereum wallet that has support for NEP-5 airdrops. One the NEO wallet is set-up, and you can claim your NEP-5 airdrops.

6. Atomic Wallet

The Atomic Wallet enables the user to exchange cryptocurrencies without any involvement of any third party. This wallet also provides a custody-free and wallet with a decentralized order book and Atomic swap exchange.

7. Waves 

This Ethereum wallet is also called Custom Application Tokens (CATs). Waves tokens are very easy to create, and due to this, several projects are looking for the Waves platform. People can obtain several airdrops with the help of waves platform.

8. Magnum Wallet

It is an anonymous and lightweight cryptocurrency wallet to manage Bitcoin and a large group of different assets. Magnum is also unique because it provides an option to get airdrops directly from the wallet itself.

9. Hardware Wallets For Your Coins

Finally, we have hardware wallets to get free airdrops. Popular companies like Trezor and Ledger can connect with a lot of digital wallets such as My Ether Wallet.

Final Thoughts

Ethereum is a decentralized platform used for its developed cryptocurrency, Ether. This platform was the first one to introduce smart contracts and DApps. Today, there are websites giving information on the latest Ethereum airdrop. In this article, we have seen several Ethereum wallets that can help anyone to claim their free airdrops. When it comes to top Ethereum wallets for claiming free airdrop, My Ether wallet comes in the first position. With the help of My Ether, you can get custom tokens. It is also the best one for newbies. Investors can also use hardware to get free airdrops. Hardware wallets are helpful because they reduce the risk of private keys being stolen. Finally, people can get free airdrops with the help of Ethereum wallets given above and get started with investment without any fund.