Day 1 at IREIS 2015,
80+ developers and brokers from around the world with 500+ Projects from UAE, USA, Canada UK, France, Italy, Cyprus, Turkey, Egypt, Bosnia, Thailand, Malaysia.

Pavilions from India, Pakistan, Philippines

Offering amazing discounts, property deals and investment opportunities while providing key insights about the property market around the world.

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International Real Estate and Investment Show 2016
27-29 October 2016, ADNEC, Abu Dhabi

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Work on Egypt’s New Capital City to start in April. Read more

IREIS 2016 - Property Weekly Advt

International Real Estate and Investment Show 2016
27 - 29 October 2016, ADNEC, Abu Dhabi

#IREIS #RealEstateShowAbuDhabi #AbuDhabi
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Abu Dhabi to have affordable housing for low income earners.

Policy expected to finalised by year-end; segment targeted falls between blue collar workers and middle income category.

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دبي، الإمارات العربية المتحدة، 1 أبريل 2015: كشف مشاركون في معرض العقارات الدولي في دبي عن توجه شركات العقارات لإنشاء مدن وسط البحار، لافتين إلى أن تزايد الإقبال على هذا النوع من العقارات، حفز المستثمرين على توفير مخصصات مالية ضخمة بمليارات الدولارات لتنفيذ مشروعات جديدة منها.

وذكروا خلال مشاركتهم في المعرض الذي أقيم هذا الأسبوع في دبي بمشاركة 130 دولة، أن مشروعات الجزر العقارية التي تنفذ في دول خليجية حاليا تزيد كلفتها عن 5 مليارات دولار.

ويأتي نموذج “جزيرة النخلة” في دبي في ... Read more

المعرض قدم منصة مثالية لعقد صفقات عقارية دولية تجمع مطورين من الخارج بمشترين مقيمين في الدولة

دبي، دولة الإمارات العربية المتحدة، 1 أبريل 2015: قال عقاريون عارضون في معرض العقارات الدولي الذي اختتم أعماله يوم الأربعاء (1 أبريل 2015) في دبي، إن صفقات كثيرة محلية وخارجية تم عقدها خلال المعرض، من خلال بيع أراض ووحدات سكنية وعقارات متنوعة في الإمارات والخارج.

وكان معالي سلطان بن سعيد المنصو ري وزير الاقتصاد في دولة الإمارات، قد افتتح يوم الإثنين (30 مارس 2015) ... Read more

“Dubai’s uniqueness of boasting 200 nationalities living in it was reflected in the deals done at the show”

Dubai, UAE, 1 April, 2015: Exhibitors at the International Property Show 2015 that concluded today (Wednesday 1 April, 2015) in Dubai have said that many deals were done during the show locally and internationally involving plots and residential units in the UAE and overseas.

The three-day show highlighted that the uniqueness of Dubai — more than 200 ... Read more

International Property Show triggered transactions of over $40 billion between 2006 and 2015

Next edition to focus on new architectural concepts and sustainable designs

Dubai, UAE, xx November 2015: The International Property Show, the annual event dedicated to developers and individual retailers in Dubai, triggered transactions of over US$ 40 billion between 2006 and 2015. This figure almost half of what it cost to build the King Abdullah ... Read more

The millennials are likely to be the most prominent players in the market

With so many new homes slated to enter the market, demand is projected to increase rapidly, especially from the millennials (those born between 1976 and 1990) who are primed to venture into buying homes instead of renting, according to the organizers of the International Property Show 2016.

The Middle East’s biggest property sales platform for local and international real estate – the ... Read more

The Global Property Guide placed the UAE in the 1st position in the Competitiveness Rating category in the Middle East

Dubai, UAE, 31 December 2015: Almost 4 months ahead of its launch, the International Property Show, the annual event dedicated to regional developers and individual retailers in the UAE, is witnessing increased interest from participants keen to take part in the forthcoming edition. Organisers say both developers and investors are positive about the ... Read more

تقرير “دليل العقارات العالمية” يصنف الإمارات في المركز الأول ضمن فئة معدل التنافسية في الشرق الأوسط

دبي، الإمارات العربية المتحدة، 22 ديسمبر 2015: قبيل أربعة أشهر من انطلاقه، يشهد معرض العقارات الدولي، الحدث العقاري الرائد الذي يستهدف مطورين والمستثمرين الأفراد سنوياً في دبي، اقبالاً عالياً من المشاركين الراغبين في حضور الدورة القادمة منه. ولمس المنظمون نظرة إيجابية من كلا المستثمرين والمطورين حول القطاع في العام 2016، مرجعين ذلك إلى انتشار توجهات جديدة ومتنوعة في ... Read more

Only of its kind in the region certified for direct transactions on the exhibition floor; Debut of Pakistan Pavilion along national participations International Property Show 2016 unveiled biggest edition from April 11 to 13

Exhibitors from 100 countries to participate in the three-day show; 25 percent increase in this year’s edition says organisers

Dubai, UAE, 2nd February 2016: During a press conference held today (Tuesday, 2nd February), Strategic ... Read more

Buying a house in Italy is a desire that continues to grow among UAE investors, key players in a 24% increase during the first five months of the year: requests for Italian property reflect a new trend in the UAE market, as noted by the portal dedicated to those looking for a second home in the country.

But what are the most sought-after Italian regions from the United Arab Emirates? According to the ranking compiled by, in first place is Lombardy with 19, ... Read more


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