To gear up for marketing in 2015, a marketing kit and upcoming webcast provide businesses with alignment in lead management.    

(EMAILWIRE.COM, February 02, 2015) Houston, TX – One of the most important parts of any successful business is the marketing and sales of its products and services. To equip marketers and sales people, EmailWire – the global newswire with unlimited ... Read more

EmailWire, the global newswire explains its unlimited press release distribution services helps small to medium size businesses, public and investor relations firms reach their target audiences on the budget and room for planning

(EMAILWIRE.COM, November 29, 2015) Houston, TX – The purpose of using unlimited press release distribution is to reach your target audience; do so and   stay within a budget, have ample room to planning, write and distribute content ... Read more

In 2016, businesses will focus on knowing the customers based on their data sets – establishing which channel to take and deciding the right message to reach them.  

(EMAILWIRE.COM, December 15, 2015) Houston, TX – The adage that the customer is always right is becoming truer than ever as businesses focus their marketing efforts on a customer’s journey through the buying process.  

This guide from Aimia, "Six Marketing Must-Dos to Drive Stronger Customer ... Read more


How can data cleaning benefit my business?


You may ask yourself, "why should I use data cleaning?” The answer is simple. Cleaning data can provide the lifeblood of your business. Clean, accurate customer and prospect data is the prerequisite to any sales, marketing and customer management strategy and can deliver a range of benefits for businesses:

Your free data audit report will show:

  • Number of duplicates by different levels
  • ... Read more

QliQ ( understands that running a business on the Internet is not an easy thing to do. With that being said, they are proud to present their wide range of digital marketing services. This company is known not only for their flexible services but also for their reasonable prices.


One of their leading ... Read more


Local Business MGE Walks for Autism


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(February 25, 2018) - According to recent studies, at least 3.5 million Americans live with autism today. The case-to-birth-rate ratio increased dramatically from 1 in 150 births in 2000 to 1 in 68 births in 2010, making it the fastest-growing developmental disability to date. But families touched by this disorder face so much more than ... Read more

Stankevicius MGM marketing for ICOs on TV


Stankevicius MGM, an advertising and public relations (PR) company, provides television advertising for ICOs with senior executives (CEOs) audience – people who are interested in various investment opportunities. ICOs are currently facing hard time getting across to real investors because of the ban placed on all social medium platforms regarding ICO advertisement, which is a part of the different worldwide ... Read more

Gone are the days when a client would call you with his complaint, he would rather post a review on social media badmouthing your company. So, when your customers have moved on to the digital world, why should you be struggling with old ways of communication?In the past few decades – with the global technology ushering in sweeping changes in the economy – the dynamics of the Manufacturing Industry has changed dramatically!

However, this has not yet translated into hyper-growth for ... Read more

There’s a saying by Nick Besbeas of LinkedIn fame that “Today it's important to be present, be relevant and add value." Your quality product sure adds value to the customers’ choice and money. But marketing that quality product ensures that its presence and relevance remain intact in customers’ minds.     

Nowadays, Marketing has become an integral part of any business. In fact, marketing of products in this modern era has lot of aspects associated with it. With the development of ... Read more

Recently, on a Sunday evening, I was having a casual talk with my friend, when we came to discuss about challenges he is facing with his start up. The story is no different from mine or anyone, because be it a new business or old, the troubles we face are universal. Often we are not able to identify our problems, because of being caught in our own yes and no. But at the same time, it becomes easy for us to find the troubles in the other person’s business and give solutions. Vice-versa we ... Read more

Iterative Lösungen; es ist doch immer wieder interessant, wie schnell die Fremdwortdichte steigt, wenn neue Begriffe wie Growth Hacking noch nicht ihren Platz gefunden haben. Ein neues Zauberwort zieht sich somit durch die Marketinglandschaft: Growth Hacking wird als optimale Synthese aus Produkt, Kundenerfahrung und Marketing bezeichnet. Das ist sicher nahe am Bullshit Bingo. Vielleicht rückt diese neue Betrachtungsweise aber auch den Begriff Marketing wieder ins rechte Licht.

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Marketing makes or breaks a business, reason why big brands splurge on marketing on different platforms. However, just like every decision in business does not yield desired results, marketing too sometimes fail partly or out rightly. Big names or brands, can afford to forgo the wastage of time money in undesired results due to the cushion in budget. But small businesses or SMEs, in particular, do not get that cushion as they run short on time and resources and so there is little margin for ... Read more

Like every other industry, manufacturing industry too is going through a sea change. Like in many other industries, Automation, Big Data, Machine Learning etc. have made entry into the manufacturing processes and there is rising demand and supply of customised products and solutions at a faster speed to the customers. These changes have given rise to both competition and as well as competitiveness for the manufacturers.

It is this point where Manufacturing joins hands with the ... Read more

After completing our academics, one question that hovers over us is how to choose the right career path. We aspire to work with a well known brand as we dream to be successful because we always associate success with big fat compensation we receive. Also, it makes us feel proud when we quote about it to our relatives and friends. But one thing that we never think about is “Will I get to use my skills and my knowledge over there?” 

This ... Read more

Sales persons often lose much of valuable time in the process of working on the wrong leads. What they think to be prospects often turn out to be people who are not in the need of your products. Pushing these, otherwise non-prospects, churn out undesired results at the end. Though qualified sales persons can easily differentiate between a wrong lead and a right lead, there are steps that can taken to minimize the chances of straddling in the wrong direction.

Do you want to know the ... Read more

$217 Trillion Worth of Real Estate Investment Made Easy Inferium Launches in November 2018

Inferium by Infiniti Estate Is an online platform that allows people to invest any amount based on their budget for real estate properties globally and distributes monthly profit based on the amount invested.

London, Jun 25, 2018,- The team at Infiniti Estate believe if the world was presented ... Read more

SEO (search engine optimization)

According to Search Engine Land, SEO stands for "search engine optimisation." It is the"process of growing traffic from the free, natural, editorial or natural search results on search engines." By understanding how search engines rank sites, an individual can optimise a site to maximise its chances of ranking well for relevant searches. However, search engine algorithms ... Read more

Everybody seeking to learn advertising is currently becoming dependent on classes coaches. But have you ever wondered exactly what would be the advantages of performing advertising program that is Digital? Digital Marketing Training Institutes helps one to understand principles or fundamentals of the advertising theory but if are searching these lessons to become job ready as an Digital marketing ... Read more

Mit ihrem Buch "Digital Marketing Leitfaden - Strategien für Wachstum" hat die Digital-Marketing-Expertin Prof. Dr. Claudia Hilker jetzt ihr zehntes Werk veröffentlicht. Das Buch thematisiert den digitalen Wandel im Marketing und erfolgreiche Strategien im Digital Marketing. Die Inhalte reichen von Content-Marketing über Influencer-Marketing bis hin zur künstlichen Intelligenz.

Mit dem Buch können Entscheider auf C-Level sowie Fach- und Führungskräfte in Marketing, Kommunikation ... Read more

A business needs to keep an open one-to-one communication with its customers, and an email is the only mode which ticks all the boxes, easy, private and reliable. In order to keep your business in your customer’s mind, it is very important to keep the frequency of your emails to once or twice a week, if not your customer may forget about your business.

What is email marketing?

In simple words, Email Marketing is a form of marketing where a business sends bulk ... Read more

Amplifon schickt mir eine Werbung für einen kostenlosen Hörtest, ich muss allerdings eine Tel. Nr. anrufen, um herauszufinden, wo mein nächstes Fachgeschäft sitzt. Einen personifizierten Serienbrief mit einer zugeordneten Adresse zu verknüpfen ist so ziemlich das einfachste der Welt. Hier erkennt man schon an den unterschiedlichen Schrifttypen, dass der Brief vorgedruckt und nur die Adresse individuell eingesetzt worden ist. Das ist sicher Werbung von mindestens vorgestern.

Vor ... Read more

Most of us love to watch videos on the Internet. People spend a considerable amount of time surfing the web to watch videos about different topics. Three former PayPal employees first made a website dedicated to watching the video. This way YouTube first started to show videos on every topic in the year 2005. But the following year, Google bought the website for $1.65 billion. Over time YouTube gained its popularity and now ranks second among social media platforms. ... Read more