Today is a big day!

We have just released the Fnoobster Magazine.

An international digital magazine all about community building, hence the penguin.

The aim is to make it a place for knowledge sharing within all kinds of community building e.g. at trade associations, networks organizations, hubs, Facebook & LinkedIn communities and local communities. 

Check the first posts out from Dansk Industri and a Facebook community that is competing with the

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The number of online communities are only increasing. Think about how many online communities you are more or less a part of, privately and through work? With the increase in channels, and time becoming a scarce resource, more and more people enter online communities not only because of interest but also increasingly because of a fear of missing out (FOMO). We cannot go to face-to-face events all the time, but we still want to have a foot indoor with relevant communities, just in case. ... Read more