Sudden surge in bionic eye market was experienced recently after the National Health Service (NHS) announced the sponsorship to implant bionic eyes in ten patients. The bionic eye can help regain vision in individuals with visual impairment. Although currently two bionic eye systems has received regulatory approvals, other companies in the bionic eye market are also trying to develop new technology that can help in regaining visual sense in patients. ... Read more

Market Research Future adds new report of “Bionic Eye Market Research Report - Global Forecast to 2023” it contains Company information, geographical data and Table of Content

Competitive Analysis:

•    Retina Implant AG (Germany)
•    Second Sight (US)
•    Bionic Vision Australia (Australia)
•    The Bionic Eye (UK)
•    Pixium Vision (France)
•    iBionics (Canada)

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Global Bionic Eye Market Research Report, By Types (External Eye And Implanted Eye), By Technology (Electronic And Mechanical) By End Users (Hospitals, Clinics And Others) - Forecast Till 2023Market Leading Players

Pixium Vision (France), Second Sight (US), Bionic Vision Australia (Australia), Retina Implant AG (Germany), The Bionic Eye (UK), iBionics (Canada) are a ... Read more

Leading Market Manufacturers

Retina Implant AG (Germany), Second Sight (US), Bionic Vision Australia (Australia), The Bionic Eye (UK), Pixium Vision (France), iBionics (Canada)

Market Research Future is the Leading Brand in The Research Company Recently Published Bionic Eye Market Research Reports which includes Study of growth, Regional Analysis, Growth Factors ... Read more