At the time of introduction of voice search option from Google, it was not so successful as it needed to have a louder input voice message. But, the scenario is changed completely these days. Voice search has become the most demanding feature these days. It is not exaggerating to say that voice search is revolutionizing the e-Commerce. All thanks to the rise of Alexa and HomePod has made it possible that by 2020, it is estimated that 50% of the search is done using voice ... Read more

Mobile app development has been gaining traction days after days. Today with the start-up culture many companies and industries are coming up with their own apps in order to enhance the user experience and thus attract more customers. Businesses along with mobile app development company develop apps based on the ... Read more

Depending on where you stand, the mobile app industry can be claimed to be in a very interesting, perplexing, or ought chaotic state at the moment. There are native apps that work perfectly but are expensive, and then there are cross-platform apps that are cheaper but lag in quality.  And not to forget, we also have PWAs (Progressive Web Apps).

  • If you don't know much about them, here is a quick roundup:
  • PWAs are web apps that work and feel just like mobile apps
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In now days, Because every expert saying that the future belongs to mobility, It doesn’t mean you hastily jump into mobile app development, particularly if it’s aimed at long operations. First, take a break and learn the way how people adopted mobility and then go ahead.

No doubt mobility has become incredibly important for people in all over the world but it doesn’t mean that ... Read more

This is an advanced century, and with the innovation in technology, many of the businesses are competing with each other effectiveness. But still, the question arises about how technology is helping the businesses. Many of the people say that if I am going to use Android applications and how it will benefit my business without much expenses in my pocket.

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نصب تضمینی اپلیکیشن

امروزه  خیلی از کسب و کارها به سراغ این موضوع رفتند که برای خود یک اپلیکیشن داشته باشند و در گوشی مخاطبین حضور فعال داشته باشند و برای اینکه بتوانند بیشتر دیده شوند راهی جز افزایش مخاطب ندارند.

یکی از بهترین روش ها نصب تضمینی اپلیکیشن موبایل می باشد .

یعنی شما با این روش صد در صد در گوشی مخاطب حضور پیدا می کنید و آن هم با علاقه و تایید خود مخاطب  . این روش با نصب اجباری اپلیکیشن ... Read more

For some years, there are a plethora of applications. There are always some apps that are able to help you with one or the other things. It can master a skill, learn new stuff, buy the utility, pay bills, eat food or your favorite apparel; the inclusion of apps in our lives has made it a lot easier. And this is all due ... Read more

No doubt, mobile apps dominate the world these days. It is estimated that with the help of 4 billion people connected online and 31 billion devices, mobile apps are fast becoming the preferred way of doing business. It is used almost everywhere from customers to your partners to your ... Read more

Custom mobile app development services are the cheese on the Pizza of digital solutions.

At 4Life Innovations, we absolutely believe all roads lead to mobile, which is why we specialize in mobile app development services. Our mobile app development team comes with a full solution for mobile application development ... Read more

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