Need a working and innovative way to increase your business performance? Gamification is the answer


London, UK, 26 July 2019 — Everybody knows that one of the most important measures of an organization’s success is how well its people work together. When we talk about your people, we mean your employees, your app users, your audience, your learners, fans or even your clients. Everybody needs performance from their people.

But getting better results from your people and keeping an eye on the business at the same time can be a real challenge.

With so are many different ways to motivate and engage your people, you need to make sure you have the best solution to deliver the expected results that is worth your time, money and effort. In this context, gamification has proven to be the best approach to satisfy different needs for businesses in different industries around the world.

Mamb.IO has published a great guide to easily understand gamification in business. And on how it can be used in different areas to increase peoples’ performance.

Reading this article by Mambo.IO will provide you with insights on where to apply employee and customer facing gamification applications to your business. Find out how contact centers, developer teams, sales, corporate trainings, custom apps and more, can benefit from the use of Gamification.

Mambo’s Gamification Software delivers a top-notch one-stop-shop solution for engagement and performance in every business. With Mambo gamification platform, you keep your people connected and motivated by giving them the information, opportunities, recognition and the right incentive.

About Mambo Solutions Ltd: Mambo is the leading on-premise and on-demand gamification software solutions provider. Mambo’s platform and services have finally democratized gamification and made it available to companies of all sizes. Use gamification to drive people’s performance, employee engagement, stimulate customer loyalty, and increase adoption of your e-learning and training initiatives.

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