Sheeba Manufacturing services:

Sheeba offers a full Garment manufacturing services to private label companies or new companies are trying to establish their own new brand.  We will take care of the manufacturing process while you can focus on the selling and marketing of your product.

Product Development:

Sheeba Product development team will help you to turn your sketches and ideas into a ready made garment step by step. Our team have the capability to help you source your fabric, develop a pattern, cut, sew and wash the sample in a very short period of time.  

Fabric Sourcing:

Through our long journey with several clients in the market, we have an extensive list of fabric suppliers from non stretch, stretch, selvedge, black denim, organic etc. that we can help you with. We can source your fabric from Italy, Turkey, Spain, Asia and Far East or anywhere else if you have your nominated supplier.

Lead Time for Importing fabrics and exporting goods:

  •  Europe to Egypt: one weak by Sea
  •  USA to Egypt: By Sea ( 12 to 17 Days) 
  •  Asia to Egypt( India/Pakistan/ Sri Lanka) : Two weeks by Sea
  •  Far-east to Egypt: four weeks by Sea
  •  Middle East (UAE): one day by Air
  • Turkey: 4 days by Sea

Technical Department:

Style Study: Engineering the line following lean manufacturing system. Pattern Making/ Pattern Adjusting: Fully featured pattern making with CAD tool and we do our patterns in house since we have experience with all types of constructions or we can make adjustments to your existing patterns.

Markers:  Advanced Lectra and Gerber Auto markers Sample Cut and Sewing: Sheeba Team is capable of cutting heavy or light fabrics in our cutting department. With over 24 years of experience for some of our sample makers sewing different kind of fabrics and styles, we grantee you the best quality and service for executing  samples.

Wash Development: Our Biggest competitive advantage is the wash development department. We can replicate ideas as we create our own wash designs that we offer to our clients that match their style and taste.Washed By Yousry: is a division in our washing development for the new washes that we offer to clients.

Pattern Making,Grading and Markers.

Pattern Size:

Men,Women, Maternity,Missy, Junior,Children Toddler ,Big and petite

Pattern Style:

we do Jeans, Skirts, Shorts,Jackets and Cargo.

Pattern Fabrics:

We have been working with different types of fabrics and big names in fabric industry like Isko,TRC, Orta, Ital Denim, Swift, Royo and many others.

Pattern Grading:

we digitize our Grading master pattern to ensure consistency while decreasing or increasing the master pattern.

Marker plotter:

We are using Gerber plotter system to maximize our productivity and minimize material cost.

Sewing and Cutting Department

  • we are experienced in cutting several types of fabrics from Denim, Linen, Canvas and many others.
  • Sewing is always quality controlled (QCD) constantly to ensure a high end quality of a ready made garment to be delivered
  • Our facilities are constantly being audited to ensure labor law compliance (LLC).
  • Most of Our machinery are Italian like Brother and Vi Bi Mac. Also we have Japanese machinery like Stingray.
  • Washing in Sheeba
    • Over 24 years of wash experience
    • We do in house quality control on washing, for color quality control and comparison of color variation, we are using VeriVide Color Assessment Cabinets.
    • G2 Waterless washing machine for saving water and being eco-friendly.

    Denim Process:

    Denim is fashion icon for most of us today because of its stylish washes, texture, durability and reliability. For every age you can find a wash, fit,and style that match their taste serving their fashion needs. In Sheeba International Garments, we value each single garment we produce because the art behind a high quality denim, is the reason of our success.


    Here is a list of our process services we offer:


    • Stone Wash
    • Enzyme Wash
    • Acid Wash
    • Rinse Wash
    • Silicone Wash
    • Gel Wash
    • Bleach Wash
    • Vintage Wash
    • Resin Wash
    Dry process services we offer:
    • Whiskers
    • Hand Sand
    • Grinding and Tacking
    • 3D Whiskers
    • Heat Press
    • Destruction
    • Pigment Spray
    • Coating
    • Potassium Sponge
Sheeba International Garments