JSB Market Research: Drilling Fluids (Drilling Mud) Market and Completion Fluids Market - Forecast to 2018


Drilling and completion fluids are used in drilling and completion processes of any oil and gas well. These systems in global drilling fluids market serve various purposes, including removal of cuttings from wellbore, to suspend and release cuttings, to counterbalance the formation pressures, to seal permeable formations, to maintain the wellbore stability, to minimize formation damages, to work as a coolant and lubricant for drilling bit, to transmit hydraulic energy to drilling bit, to control corrosion of the equipment, and so on.

The completion and drilling fluids market is driven by the increasing drilling activities and it is expected to be another strong, profitable year for E&P companies around the globe, especially for those focusing on crude oil. The price trend of crude oil and natural gas will support greater liquids and shale exploration in a number of international areas, just like it has been done in North America over the past few decades. The relatively high price also supports large development projects offshore. The drilling fluids market is growing at 7.5% from 2013 to 2018 which directly complements the drilling activities.

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The report covers the global drilling fluids market and segments it on the basis of their application areas that include onshore and offshore applications. Secondly, the global drilling and completion fluids market is segmented on the basis of type of base fluids such as water-based systems, oil-based systems, synthetic-based systems, and other systems. Lastly, the market is segmented on the basis of regions such as North America, Asia-Pacific, Europe, Latin America, Africa, Middle East, and Rest of the World (ROW). Each segment has been analyzed with respect to their market trends, growth trends, and future prospects.

Almost 13% of the oil and gas reserves are found in offshore waters. Around 10% of those are found in deep water and around 3% in ultra deep waters. Technological developments coupled with high demand are increasingly putting pressure to increase the depth of wells which in turn results in various damages to the drill bit and pose several challenges. To overcome these challenges, specialized drilling fluids are required. Hence, the critical factors responsible for the growth of the drilling and completion fluids market include growth in drilling activities globally, rise in deep drilling activities onshore and offshore, discoveries of new CBM and shale reserves, and the emergence of nanotechnology. The key concerns in the industry pertain to the environmental impacts and damages to the ecosystem due to discharge of highly toxic chemicals.

Table Of Content :

1 Introduction (Page No. - 22)
1.1 Key Take-Aways
1.2 Analyst Insights
1.3 Market Investment Analysis
1.4 Report Description
1.5 Market Definitions
1.6 Market Segmentation & Market Aspects Covered
1.7 Stakeholders
1.8 Research Methodology
1.8.1 Approach
1.8.2 Market Size Estimation
1.8.3 Market Crackdown And Data Triangulation
1.8.4 Key Data Points Taken From Secondary Sources
1.8.5 Key Secondary Sources Used
1.8.6 Key Data Points Taken From Secondary Sources
1.8.7 Assumptions Made For This Report

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