Top 5 Chuckit Toys for your ESA Dog

Love to play with your beloved companion? You can mix things up by adding some tops into your playtime and give your dog more reasons to be excited. Overall dogs of emotional support dog letter are extremely active and playful animals and this is why regular walks and playtime is a mist to keep them fit and healthy.


If you are looking for some ideas and toys to add to this fun routine then Chuckit has the perfect products for you. Following are the top 5 toys that you can add into your ESA dog’s playtime arsenal and give him a perfect treat.


1. Chuckit Ball Launcher


Love to play fetch with your dog? This classic ball launcher is a great way of taking things further. The toy is especially helpful if you cannot throw the ball due to any shoulder or arm issues. It enhances your throwing capacity and helps your dog to get maximum exercise in minimum time.


2. Chuckit Balls


Want something to go with your Ball launcher? These Chuckit Balls make a perfect partner for it. They are made to go with the Launcher and your dog can chase and chew it to its heart;s content. Made with high quality and natural rubber, these balls are bouncy, durable and squeak, all that you need to keep your dog happy.


3. Fluffy Indoor Fumbler


Got a petite dog or someone who is not a great fan of the outdoors? You can still help your dog stay fit by getting this fluffy fumler. It is made with soft cover and is great for an indoor game of fetch. It is lightweight and ideal for a dog that is not a chewer.


4. Paraflight Chuckit Frisbee


Much like fetch, playing frisbee with your dog is a lot of fun. These frisbees are durable and buoyant so that you do not have to worry about it when playing with it at the beach or in a pool party. It is made with soft but strong rubber, which makes it ideal to handle for the pet parents and chew for the dogs.


5. Chuckit Flying Squirrel


Is your dog a chewer? Which dog isn't! Dogs love to chew on things and this Flying Squirrel toy is perfect for it. It is a great alternative to ball and frisbee and comes in an exciting color scheme. What makes it a great dog toy is its size. It is 10x10 inches in size and is ideal for larger dogs also.


Before you go shopping for your dog, make sure that you have a valid ESA letter to live and travel with it. Before choosing someone to work with, research and go through a free emotional support animal letter sample to know about what is added in it.