The buying process: How was it?

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Buying an apartment in Barcelona

When buying an apartment in Barcelona, there is a lot to think about. Which area do you prefer? How many rooms do you need? What can you afford? etc. To help you find your dream home, Casamona guides you through every step of the process.

Here you can read more about the buying process as experienced by one of Casamona’s clients.


A client’s experience

Nicolas went from Nice to Barcelona with the purpose of buying an apartment. When walking through the streets of Barceloneta, Nicolas noticed the Casamona office. I saw the Casamona sign on the balcony, so I decided to give it a try to see what they had to offer”, says Nicolas. At the office, he met one of Casamona’s sales agents, who guided him through all the steps – from the first viewing to the final signing of the deed.


The agent showed me a few apartments and helped me a lot throughout the entire process

Casamona client


Looking for an apartment in Barcelona

A few months ago, Nicolas decided that he wanted to buy an apartment in Barcelona. “I started looking online during the summer and I flew to Barca in the end of September to find the rare pearl”, says Nicolas. Before coming to Barcelona, he more or less had an idea of what he was looking for, e.g. which areas, budget, etc. However, not all clients know exactly what they are looking for, and Casamona is here to help you figure that out.


Visiting apartments

Nicolas spent one week in Barcelona visiting apartments in different areas while enjoying the city. “After seeing around 15 apartments from different agencies, I placed an offer on one of Casamona’s apartments – actually the very last one I saw”. In fact, Nicolas placed the offer just 4 hours before his flight back!


What was important when choosing an apartment in Barcelona?

To Nicolas, the most important criteria were:

- Location, location, location!

- Comfortable neighborhood

- Outside area – e.g. balcony or terrace

These are actually the criteria most of Casamona’s clients look for when buying an apartment in sunny Barcelona! “Based on my criteria, I ended up choosing an apartment with charming interior in a beautiful building”, says Nicolas.


Closing the deal

After placing the offer, it took about a month to do all the necessary paperwork and finally close the deal. Nicolas flew to Barcelona a few times to get everything in place.


The day of the official and last signature was pretty awesome”.

Casamona client


When arriving at the notary office to sign the final paper, Nicolas was a bit nervous. However, everything went smoothly, and he walked out owning an apartment! “I’m very grateful with Casamona for all their help. In fact, I have already recommended Casamona to a friend living in Barcelona”. With the “Buyer’s package”, Casamona can help you with all the legal steps – e.g. hiring an English-speaking notary.


Casamona can also help you!

When looking for an international real estate agency in Barcelona, Casamona is the place to go! We have apartments for rent and sale in the best areas of Barcelona! Stop by our office or contact us to hear what we can do for you!