Find best police misconduct lawyers near me

Find best police misconduct lawyers near me

The one thing that we have been taught since our childhood is that the court of law and the police are meant to protect us from all the wrongdoings of the criminals; they are always by our side at our nearby police stations and we can reach out to them through any time of the day. Such assurance has made our lives a lot easier; but what if we told you that the real picture can sometimes be a complete reversal of this? With "reverse" we mean that far from providing any help during our ordeals, the police themselves are the ones causing more trouble.

The law endows the policemen with commanding powers because it thinks that they are capable of rescuing and providing aid to the common man; but sometimes, these powers are turned against us and we are left with nowhere to go. A certain action on part of the police can be termed as police misconduct if the officer starts implementing laws that are beyond his scope of abilities. The "force" that should have otherwise been used to punish the criminals when used unreasonably against the common man qualifies them for the misconduct. Some of the common examples of these exertions are false cases of assault and arrest on unaccommodating grounds, sexual harassment, infliction of mental and physical pain, biased discrimination, unlawful demand of bribe, unethical use of firearms, intimidation and many more.

Encountering such cases can be particularly troublesome when they are initiated by a policeman who is already in the prime of power. To prove his misdoings in the court of law, one must have really strong grounds of defense because, in the eyes of the court, an officer in charge of the law holds a higher position than the common man. But, the only silver lining in the clouds is the fact that the Federal law protects people who are the victims of police misconduct. According to the Fourth Amendment in the U.S. Constitution, an officer is prohibited to carry out seizures and searches without a legal warrant, discriminate against people based on caste, creed, sex, color, race or religion or force a law on a victim as a result of some personal grudges. If somebody has experienced these misdoings, then he can report it to the court and get in touch with a lawyer who will successfully be able to prove your accusation.

If any policeman has been found to make false arrests, malicious prosecution or have used excessive force, then the allegation against him would be the violation of the Fourth Amendment of the U.S. Constitution. Get in touch with a lawyer near you so that he has a thorough knowledge of the local area and can thus help you with a few facts to provide a strong cushion to your allegations. Gather as much evidence as you can and submit those to your lawyer and honestly describe the crises that you had to go through because of the officer-in-charge. The lawyer will assist you to reclaim your rights and achieve the compensation that you deserve after such harassment. With the lawyers by your side, it becomes a lot easier for you to raise a voice against the misdoings of the protector of law themselves.

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