Pinocchio is pleased to offer you the following range of before and after-sale services to fulfill all your needs:


Whenever you decide to move to another home, we take care of moving your Pinocchio -purchased furniture to your new residence. The service includes disassembling, wrapping, moving and re-assembling.


Taking measurements of your rooms and preparing the floor plans for you is part of our job. We offer you this service for living, dining and bedrooms. Designing your customized dressing room to fit to your personal needs is another service that we provide at Pinocchio.

Furniture repair, refinishing and restoration 

Repairing your furniture at home is one of Pinocchio's services that ensure maintaining your furniture's pristine, brand-new condition. And if you need to refinish your furniture, it is not a problem. Pinocchio will collect your furniture and refinish it at Pinocchio's factory. Bored with your furniture's upholstery? You can also ask for a fabric change.

 All services are available only in the local market.

Pinocchio furniture