Are you suffering from jet lag? Your travel buddy is here


We work all day long for most of the part of the year to able to enjoy that one vacation at the end. This is all we need to recharge ourselves for the next upcoming year. Travel for most of us is passion. So all we need is a chance to pack our bags and go out in the beauty of the world. However, one issue that affects all people traveling long distance is jet lag. This is mainly seen in people who are traveling from east to west and west to east. This mainly happens because of the difference in the time zones. So if you are planning to travel soon then here are a few points that will help you treat jet lag and help you stay active and alert all through the day.

What is jet lag?

  1. Jet lag is a condition that results from the alteration of the circadian rhythms of the person. It is usually caused during long-distance travel. Like when a person is traveling from New York to London. This condition was earlier known as a circadian rhythm sleep disorder. This condition in people usually lasts a long time. It may last for about several days. Once the traveler has adjusted to the new time zone they can get back to their normal routine. This issue is mainly seen in frequent travelers, aircraft staff, pilots, etc.  therefore to able to enjoy the new locality it is important to treat jet lag.
  2. Ways to treat jet lag

  3. If you are constantly feeling tired and sleepy during your vacation it can spoil it for you. Therefore here are a few ways to treat jet lag in people
  4. Taking a hot followed by a cold shower. This is one of the most effective ways to treat jet lag in a person. For this first, you will have to take a hot shower and then immediately take a cold one. This will temperature difference will help you stay active and alert.
  5. While choosing flights take the ones that will arrive at day time. This will stay active and help treat jet lag.
  6. Do not take any kind of sleeping pills to cope up and treat jet lag. This will not help you with jet lag and make you feel more sleepy and grumpy.
  7. The use of smart drugs is a very trending subject these days. The smart drugs are said to be your new travel buddy. They work by acting on the brain of the person thus helping them to remain awake and alert all through the day. It is seen that on taking the smart drug it helps in the induction of hormones such as histamine and dopamine. The smart drug that is recommended to most people to treat jet lag is Waklert.
  8. Avoid the intake of an excessive amount of coffee. This contains artificial stimulant that will affect your sleep cycle thus making you feel very sleepy. This will increase your jet lag. Thus the best thing to do is to avoid the use of coffee on a regular basis.