Where To Install Security Cameras In Your Home


Safety and security are topics you must treat with a lot of importance. You can never overlook security since any breach of security can risk your life and belongings and might cause damage to your beloved property. A good Surveillance System Austin can help protect your home from several kinds of thefts, burglaries and anti-social activities. When you decide to install cameras in your home, here are the best places where you must install them to make your home security system the most effective driven to achieve its purpose? This is because choosing the right places to install the cameras is as important as investing in the right cameras to protect your house.

An insider tip
Read this carefully to get the most out of your surveillance system and also make it fool proof. Install the real cameras out of reach and place some authentic looking dummy ones around your property within easy reach. If an intruder breaks the camera, obviously the dummy ones will be the ones that are damaged and you will have their acts of breaking the cameras recorded in the video footage for initiating the necessary action.

Best places to install the cameras

Front door
Studies show that more than 34% of burglars enter the property through the front door. Hence this is one right place to fix a surveillance camera. To prevent the camera from being damaged by the intruders, place it in the second floor or in the eve s of your house focusing the front door. For houses in only one level, it is advisable to protect the cameras with a wire mesh in order to prevent any accidental or intentional damage. Install a peep-hole camera in the front door so that you will know who is calling you to open the door.

Back door
About 22% of the burglars enter the properties through the backside doors. Hence this is the second best place to install a camera. It is important to install a camera in every entry point to the property. Go for cameras that are weather proof and also have night vision capabilities so that you achieve the purpose of installing the cameras.

Off-street windows
Entering by breaking a rear window is also a popular way adopted by burglars. When they choose to enter through a window that is not in direct view from the street, they minimise the chances of being caught. Hence place a camera at all of the rear windows for a good security arrangement.

Back-yard and side gate
When you have some expensive lawn machinery, garden equipment and kids bikes in the backyard, they can attract the thieves. Equip your yard with motion sensor floodlights. A night vision surveillance camera is a great addition for backyard and side gates.

Basement staircase
Most basements have access to doors and hatches. Even some small windows in these places can permit crawling inside. It is good to place a camera on the stairs leading up from the basement to your home. This will help record any intrusion from these sides.

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