What is the Purpose of Flat Face Couplers in Hydraulics


Hydraulic flat face quick couplers provide greater performance with high pressure along with higher flow rates. These are designed to perform on hydraulic pipes without any loss of fluid and offer more increased pressure. This type of couplers is used to connect and disconnect pipes or hoses quickly.

What is the Purpose of Flat Face Couplers in Hydraulics

What is the Purpose of Flat Face Couplers in Hydraulics?

Hydraulic flat face couplers allow a higher flow of hydraulic fluids when the male and female threads are locked together between the pipes. This uses the check valve to block outgoing fluid in order to prevent leakage and maintain a safe pressure when it gets disconnected.

These flat face couplers from Iker, which is a leading Coupling Manufacturer are having a standard of ISO 16028. These are covered with protective galvanized material and made up of carbon steel. The valve forms a flush valve, and the seal adopts a high-end flush valve and it can be used in various environments with long-term higher flow pressure.

These couplers come in different body sizes and are varied with their rated pressure, rated flow, and amount of spillage. The temperature range for these couplers is from -20degree Celsius to +120degree Celsius. The standard seal material used in these couplers is polyurethane.

What are the Advantages of Quick Flat Couplers?

The following are some advantages of this flat face quick couplers.

High Flow and Zero Leakage:

When the pipe fittings are needed to be connected and disconnected frequently, these flat face couplers will help in increasing productivity. These couplers open a large path for the flow of the high-pressure fluids when it is connected with each other. This type of coupler is used in hydraulic circuit systems which are subjected to withstand high pressure pulses.

Flat face couplers offer high pressure ratings, which are designed for working with various applications that require 400 bar pressure. These are sued to lower the level of spillage and ensure more safety than other coupler types.

Easy to Clean:

Due to their flat-faced surface, these couplers are very easy to keep clean and it prevents contaminating of the hydraulic fluids when it gets connected after removing. Also, it limits the leakage to less when it gets disconnected.

They are designed to minimize the flow restrictions and result in reducing the pressure during the working of the equipment.

Comes with Cuff Locks:

Flat face couplers are equipped with cuff locks, in order to prevent an accident caused by human errors. It prevents the cause of an accident to a greater extent and it is not present in any other coupler types.


Flat face couplers have many advantages and it is used in various kinds of industries. Always, choose the right type of coupler for your need in accordance with the size and material in order to save your money and prevents more spillage.