Security Camera and Video Surveillance Systems Austin


With important sectors of government and business, it is more important than ever to have a reliable CCTV security system. Surveillance System Austin has been providing surveillance systems and security camera installation services in Austin for many years. Our team of highly skilled security professionals has deployed CCTV security camera solutions for government, commercial and retail customers in Austin, such as the University of Texas at Austin, Costco.

The Austin security installers will help you choose the right surveillance system, identify the most efficient configuration of security equipment, and provide you with a safe and reliable installation. Our customizable security system solutions include, among others:

• Network video recorders-NVR
• Wireless cameras
• Sale and installation of security systems, DVR/CCTV/video
• Remote viewing right from your PC / phone
• Remote monitoring systems
• Indoor and outdoor surveillance
• Digital video recorders-DVR
• Video surveillance cameras
• Megapixel cameras (HD +)
• Security cameras
• Monitoring multiple locations
• Infrared Night Cameras
• Card access integration
• IP cameras
• Network cameras

For Example, You Can Access:

Indoor cameras
The simplest cameras we can find are the interiors. They do not need a waterproof housing or night vision as there is usually permanent lighting during the hours when supervision is needed.

Infrared cameras
If the camera is to be placed in a dimly lit area or if 24-hour surveillance is required, the best option is to place cameras with night vision. These cameras record during the day in full color and when there is little light, they automatically turn on their infrared to continue recording.

In the market, you can find many cameras and video surveillance systems, so it is sometimes difficult to know which equipment best matches the characteristics of the needs of your home or business. In Austin, we have the largest catalog of cameras and recorders on the market, allowing you to buy what you need, without paying too much or enjoying fewer benefits. Expert installers are always available for your equipment.

High Tech Surveillance Solutions For Austin
Austin has a high-tech business center with a thriving technology industry and a large government sector. Some of the largest employers in the city include the US federal government and Dell. Austin has grown to expect nothing but the best and is no different with CCTV security systems. Virtual Monitoring has worked with many large corporate and government clients and can provide the highest level of quality in organizations such as the F.B.I., Lockheed Martin and the US Department of Homeland Security.

Expert CCTV Installation Services In Austin
Virtual surveillance offers not only the best security camera equipment, but we also offer the best CCTV installation services. Our technicians are trained to work with high tech video surveillance equipment in many locations. Whether you need to supervise a convenience store or a hospital, our installers in the Austin area can do the job. Talk to one of our technicians today by contacting us and planning your free threat assessment or request a quote online.

Finally, if you have questions about the camera you need to control your home or business or want a CCTV specialist to personally advise you on the equipment that best suits your needs, you can call us. We have the best professionals in the industry to help you all the time, with extensive experience and the widest variety of cameras on the market.

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