Purplle.Com Reveals Lipstick Trends of 2018: What Women Want


23, January 2018: Makeup is an excellent way to invite attention, provoke desire and affirm femininity, and lipsticks are an amazing tool to complete the makeup for any woman of modern times. Lipsticks have massively witnessed an incessant change through the ages. It has explored patterns and trends that have changed the parameters of beauty from time to time. Today, we live in the competitive world and there are lipsticks available in a wide range of shades and from a number of brands.

Purplle.com, India's Beauty e-commerce platform, has been designed to offer products, knowledge and guidance for women to choose the best cosmetics that can enhance their beauty and add up to their style. The online store now reveals the latest lipstick trends that every woman will find valuable to look more beautiful, trendy and gorgeous.

It is a fact that newer brands as compared to popular brands are fast becoming a popular choice of the modern women. The fact is that newer brands are fairly innovative, providing seamless results to the consumers. Earlier we were drawn to Lakme, Maybelline and L'Oreal but we now find ourselves drawn towards newer brands like Sugar, Stay Quirky and NY Bae, as they are reasonably priced and provide similar consistency and convenience like popular brands. We do have newer brands specifically designed to suit the lifestyle of homemakers and office going women alike.

The current lipstick trend is influenced by the availability of the lipstick shades of various hues available with the new brands and which can help in drawing the attention of the crowd. In addition to this, a number of online traders or e-commerce channels have brought the newer brands to the mainstream to suit customer's choices and benefits. Manish Taneja, the CEO of Purplle.com suggests that leading brands like Lakme, Maybelline and L’Oreal that used to have a 64% of market share has now reduced to 28% in the present day scenario. “We do expect newer brands to see continued growth, thereby engulfing their special place in the hearts of the customers of the modern era,” he states.

Sales at Purplle.com further exhibit that a definite hike in lipstick sales has resulted due to the growing trend of the matte lipstick and glossy liquid lipsticks. A substantial drift has been observed, as liquid lipsticks and lip crayons have captured 29% and 16% of market shares respectively from bullet lipsticks in recent times. The liquid lipstick ensures long lasting results and crayons are purely picked to retain the lip moisture. On the contrary, traditional lipsticks or bullet lipsticks do not stay longer.

Another emerging trend is to focus on the nude lipstick colors that can be re-applied to give the illusion of a more surface area, making lips look bigger and natural. Once red lipsticks were hot selling products that acquired 70% of the market share, but with the nude tones setting in, the sale of the red shades dipped to 28%. Nude tones are more in vogue, as they are more appealing, and are often flaunted by the biggest trendsetting divas right from Kim Kardashian to Kylie Jenner to Anushka Sharma.

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