Property Sales Group: Helping Sacramento Community Sell Their Houses “As-Is”


Investing in a house is the most crucial investment people make and the reason behind it is high returns on sales. People try to maintain the house in its topmost condition so that it can sell fast and you get most out of this investment. Whether you want to sell your house because you are buying a new one or you want to sell it because you need some financial assistance, the main goal is to sell it fast and get the money as soon as possible. Putting up an ad with the headline “Buy my house now Sacramento” will not give you the required results. You need to contact a real estate agent or a company that can help you make the sale efficiently.

Property Sales Group, a real estate investment group established by Sergei Kocher helps people sell their houses “as-is” which means, whatever your house’s condition, the company will make sure that you sell your property and get cash as soon as possible. The company operates in Sacramento and surrounding areas and brings cash buyers to buy your property. With the experience and high efficiency, Property Sales Group has bought and sold more than 700 houses in North California. The company has more than 45 employees working diligently to serve the Sacramento community and has combined experience of 37 years. With the motto “We buy houses in any condition Sacramento”, Property Sales Group helps you sell houses with issues like extensive repairs, environmental issues, or if you are selling due to personal hardships like disability, divorce, or due to financial hardships like job loss, bank mortgage.

All you need to do is contact Property Sales Group and let them evaluate your house that includes knowing repair costs and based on that they will make you an offer. Most of the time this offer is higher than any real estate agent would offer to you. Hiring Property Sales Group will help you sell your house in as fast as one week. A licensed BRE agent carries out all your transactions during the sale. Many of the clients have been highly satisfied with the work of the Property Sales Group. The company has helped many homeowners sell their property at good prices in a time of need.

So if you are still putting out the ad “Buy my house Sacramento Sacramento”, you need to contact Property Sales Group via email or call them on 916-990-7376 for a faster sale of your house.

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