New Trends In Access Control – Why You Must Go Wireless


If your access control system has not gone wireless, this is the right time you take a step ahead to enhance your physical security. Wireless systems carry the advantages of wired systems while minimizing the cost of installation. In fact, installing wireless Access Control Austin takes less time than what it takes to install hardwired systems. Wireless access control systems are today found encompassing a wide range of applications including doors, elevators, gates and also exit devices besides many others. At a time when these revolutionary access control systems are becoming the trend, here are the top reasons why building owners must go wireless.

Versatility of application
Virtually speaking, wireless systems can be applied in any situation where a lock is involved. However, there are some special cases where the wireless systems make more sense. In older buildings, hardwiring is almost impossible or difficult. Secondly, when installed in new or historic buildings, wireless systems enable preserving the intactness of the architectural elements. The most interesting benefit of wireless systems is that they completely rule out the issue of asbestos.

New class of wireless installations
The popular applications of wireless lock systems on metal and wood doors in the exterior as well as interior environments are known to all. There are other lesser known systems like glass, portable solutions, monitored and scheduled doors and others.

Elevators and wireless systems
The most popular application of wireless access systems are found in elevators. While travelling cables are usually implemented during installation, most often, they are found to be inadequate to transport the credential data from the cab to the elevator control. Since the elevator shafts are found in harsh electrical environments, they are often found to cause noise that corrupts data which are induced on the card reader data lines. The result is an inconsistent performance that can lead to cable shielding decays on account of continuous movement. Wireless access control systems completely rule out the need for data lines in elevators. They can very well suit this environment and can offer a consistent and highly reliable data transport that can last for so long. Therefore wireless alternatives can help the owners save thousands of dollars per elevator.

The wireless fashion
The capabilities of the wireless locking systems are highly effective as wired locking systems. The central control terminal maintains the changes to access privilege and audit records. They are from a common data base that can significantly ease the task of managing data. This also significantly rules out the need to move from door to door manually to upload the necessary changes and also download the records. Therefore wireless locking systems appear to be the most viable alternative to standalone locking systems. Also, the wireless transmissions are encoded in such a way to feature AES 128 bit private keys for enhancing security.

Expert advice
Security integrators and users highly recommend the installation of wired locking systems since they facilitate solving problems that were once unavoidable. The most powerful wireless RF signals can penetrate even brick walls, plaster board walls, cinder block walls and other range of non-metallic materials to facilitate simplified system designs.

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