The Incredible Advantages of Digital CCTV


The digital age revolution has transformed every industry segment and things today happen in a totally different way than they happened sometime back. With the advent of digital CCTV, more people are now moving towards digital based CCTV Austin systems as they come with a lot of advantages over the conventional analog VCR based CCTV systems. Here are the advantages of digital CCTV systems.

One central unit
A digital CCTV system allows the users to combine their monitor, switching unit and time-lapse recorder into one central unit that can be remotely controlled from many locations. Since these systems are fully automated, you will not have to swop or replace the video cassette tapes. This enables the most minimum intervention from the system controller.

Searching for a frame is never a hassle
Digital CCTV systems can record the video footages on the Hard Disc Drive for over several weeks depending on the capacity. It is very easy for the users to retrieve the relevant data instantly. You will not have to screen the entire length of the video stretching over hours to find a single frame you will need to investigate. In a digital CCTV system, the data is stored in a database that can be searched by camera, date, time, motion, or alarm activation. This can save a lot of time for the users while they wish to identify the target.

Superior image quality
Even with the most basic kind of digital CCTV system, the video images quality is far superior to the video recorded in analog systems. Digital CCTV video footages are crisp, sharp and can be stored or viewed any number of times without any deterioration to the quality of the images.

Flexibility and faster retrieval times
The flexibility with regard to recording modes is yet another great advantage of a digital CCTV system. You can schedule the recording with regard to time, date, alarm activation or smart motion detection. This arrangement can also save enough recording space as there is no wastage due to what is known as dead taping. After recording, the video is compressed and stored efficiently in a HDD of a PC. When it comes to retrieval, you will not have to plod though the videotapes for hours together. Video retrieval can happen instantly by location, date, time and camera to find the required event. You can also choose to archive the important information on FDD, HDD, DVD or a CD-R to be retrieved later.

Higher quality images
Digital CCTV systems assure a high quality video recording where the images feature an unbeatable quality. This can be of immense help in evidence and image recognition. Also, the digital videos can be enhanced very easily and can also be copied over and over any number of times without losing the original quality.

No need to replace tapes
In an analog CCTV system, you will have to replace the tapes regularly. The lifetime of a digital storage media is almost unlimited. They also need very less maintenance making them the best choice and a valuable investment.

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