Home Security Systems Advantages Home Owners Must Know


A number of studies reveal that those homes that are not having security systems installed are more three times more vulnerable to burglar breaks than those that have them. This is because burglars always hunt targets that are easy and unmonitored. Those homes that do not have security systems are high on their list. It is hence essential that every home installs a professional home security system and have the home monitored. This arrangement can be further augmented by displaying yard signs and window stickers that will announce the burglars of the security system installation in the premises cautioning them that the likelihood of being caught is high.

Manage the home remotely
One another advantage of the Alarm Systems Schertz is that you can manage your home from remote locations. This kind of web enabled device arrangement lets you arm or disarm your security system from any remote location on the earth. You will get to know who is entering of leaving your property. You can also make use of a panic button to get a quick response from the alarm monitoring company. As you would be aware already, most home insurance providers give huge discounts up to 20 percent when you install a home security system in your property.

What a security system does during an intrusion
While the zone under security is breached, the security systems are configured to perform some tasks depending on the type of security system you are using.

Monitored systems
Security system monitored professionally by an alarm company alerts the company when there is a security issue in your home. There is also a high decibel alarm sounded. If the system is configured for 2 way communication, the representative of the company will communicate with the homeowner or will arrange to call the emergency contact number. The different ways in which these systems contact the monitoring companies include via the existing phone lines of the home which can work during power outages through a battery backup, wireless fashion enabled through cellular radio frequencies, VoIP or the Internet, which do not work during power outage.

When there is an emergency, the monitoring company will inform the right kind of emergency officials in your locality including police, firefighters and paramedics. Also the company will keep communicating with you till the response team arrives on the spot. During security breaches, the security systems notify the homeowners via text messages and email.

Non-monitored systems
Security systems that are not monitored professionally are configured to sound a high decibel alarm when there is a breach of security. These systems do not include any professionally monitored services. Following this, the homeowner must make the appropriate arrangements to call the police, fire or other emergency response personnel. While some of these systems can send messages and emails to the homeowner, some systems do not.

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