Get The Amazon Alexa app for Amazon Alexa Setup and Reset Amazon Echo Dot

Amazon Alexa App for Amazon Alexa Setup

If you have any queries related to Alexa Setup make sure to visit Alexa is a virtual VA (Voice Assistant). It commands answers to all your queries and performs that task by searching about them on the internet. Alexa app has bagged so much recognition over the past few years.  As it’s a totally different kind of device as compared to other smart-home devices. 

Downloading the Alexa App 
The device mainly uses speech recognition to perform all sort of tasks and functions. For instance, you can ask for the weather outside. It will immediately respond the answer by checking for the location and weather condition of that place. You will have to download the app from the appropriate app store: 
•    Alexa app for Android 
•    Alexa app for Windows 
•    Alexa app for PC
•    Alexa app for Mac 

Amazon Alexa Setup 
Open the Alexa app and log into your Amazon account. Create an account if you don’t have one. Use the Amazon app on your phone, it will take to your account automatically. 
Once you have signed in, accept to the terms and conditions of use. Now you will see a list of devices. You are about to set up an Echo Dot, so choose that. Confirm the language option, then click the “Connect to Wi-Fi button”. You will now see the light ring which blinks in orange. Now press the “Continue” button. 
Your smart phone will then try to connect to the device automatically. If this step doesn’t go smooth, the app will request you to press and hold the action button for a few seconds. once it finds the device, click “Continue” button again. 
Now add the Echo device to the Wi-Fi network. Click the network name, then enter the password.  Now click “Connect”, your device will go online. 
The last step is deciding how you need to hear the Echo. You can use your Echo either without speaker, Audio Cable and Bluetooth. The device enables you to connect your device to the speaker using the device for better audio. If you don’t use any of these, then the device will use its basic speakers. 

Reset Amazon Echo 
If Alexa can’t hear you, then try moving the device away from any obstructions. Keep the device at least 8 inches from the wall. 
Wi-Fi connection issues 
If your device refuses to connect to Wi-Fi when you are setting the device.  Power off all the networking gear, including modem, dot and router. 
Reset Echo Dot
If you have tried all of the above steps and your Echo Dot setup is still unresponsive, you will have to take the nuclear solution. You need to perform a factory reset on Dot and send it back to default settings. 
Remember that doing a this can delete all skills and performance, so you need to set it from the scratch.