Duralegacy Offers Policies for Critical Illness with Added Benefits


Critical Illness Insurance Canada is introduced in order to help people with financial hardships during the time of critical illness. Earlier, health insurance policies did not cover a number of life-threatening problems, which caused a problem. Moreover, the Mediclaim could only be used at a few registered hospitals with the compensation of medical bills. However, critical illness policy is different from the regular one and covers many health problems under its radar.

The critical illness plan is designed in order to help people face financial problems during the time of critical illness. According to this new insurance plan, you shall be made a lump sum single transaction payment at the hour of need. You can use this money for anything during the financial crises right from medical bills to home expenses. This feature is added in order to help you with the financial strain so that you can focus on a safe and healthy recovery.

This health plan covers nearly every major health problem including cancer, heart attack, stroke, organ transplant, Alzheimer’s, and many more. Apart from the life-threatening ones, the critical illness plan also covers medical situations like loss of limbs, speech, deafness, or blindness. The policy lists nearly 25 illnesses that can be covered under the plan with the minimum premium amount.

Another added benefit with the critical illness insurance policy is that you can use it in compliment with your employer’s insurance scheme. It can also be used for covering deductibles, co-pays, and obtaining a second opinion. This way you can gain the best treatment from any healthcare center you choose.

Critical illness insurance can bridge the gap between the present financial benefits and critical financial conditions. Therefore, use this opportunity to make good use of an entirely uncovered different insurance world.

About the company –

Duralegacy is an insurance brokerage company based in Toronto, Ontario. It basically deals with understanding the needs of people and helping them insuring their lives. They pride in their task of identifying the financial and clinical needs of their clients and guiding them to the right path of insurances. With so many options available in the market, they are the experts in their field and feel privileged to share some of their wisdom with their clients.


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