Another Way To Learn English Writing is Paraphrasing

Looking for a way to practice your English writing? Try paraphrase of articles and books, while using language software to help.

Why paraphrasing tool? Writing involves various components, more than just the construction of sentences and paragraphs. Taking a piece of ready-made and repurposing that for your own training jump many aspects of writing that does not have much to do with improving your language skills.

Since paraphrase only your own rendition of the ideas that have been expressed by others, you can cut out the writing phase such as research, outlining, drawing arguments and find supporting information. All you have to do is present piece of your own words, with any elements of the English language you can muster.

Follow these steps when practicing English writing with a paraphrase:

1. Find an article, a piece of news or a book appropriate for your English reading skills.

2. Read each paragraph carefully until you can understand it clearly.

3. Start writing the same idea (using a style similar organization) using your own words. Refer to the software languages ​​and other writing tools to help when you get stuck.

4. Use the grammar checker to correct the complete text. Take note of the error, so that you may avoid them in the future.

5. Try to consider the use of punctuation in putting ideas into the same mind and allows them to connect with the main idea of ​​your writing.

6. Be sure to cut small subtitles correctly to avoid misinterpretation with the main idea of ​​your writing.