7 must-know tips and tricks for really yet easily cleaning high-end wood flooring

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High End Wood Flooring

High-end wood flooring can generally be a little bit on the higher end of the flooring industry’s price scale. Consequently, how do you make sure that your floors get proper maintenance? This article shares some tricks and tips that all homeowners should know concerning how they can truly yet easily clean their floors.

  1. Clean frequently: One among the very first rules for ensuring that the surface of your floors keeps looking new is cleaning them once every week at least. Built-on dust seems to slough the finish away. If you leave it as-is, the floor will ultimately yield to wear and tear. To dust and clean the floors, utilize a brush attachment on your vacuums to avoid scratches. One other option is to use hardwood flooring mops or dusters sold in the market.

  2. Careful with furniture cleaners: When utilizing furniture cleaners that contain ammonia, make sure that you cover all surrounding wood flooring. Even though furniture and flooring feature a similar makeup, ammonia dulls the finish on wood floorings.

  3. Vigilant with stains: The moment you notice any spill, get it wiped up with a microfiber cloth that’s soft to avoid discoloration. Should the stain have set in, ask a professional wood flooring installation firm about no-wax floor cleaners that are approved for your kind of floor.

  4. Water is the #1 enemy: From spills to rainwater, potted plant leaks to wet clothes, water damage remains a consistent threat that’s faced by all engineered wood flooring owners. To abate this crisis, set backup plans aimed at curbing water damage, up. For instance, you could check the weather forecast to nearby entryways when rain has been predicted. Placing indoor plants atop trays to serve as barriers against leakage is another tip.

  5. Test surface finishes first: It can be quite tempting to purchase off-the-shelf floor restorer options. Expert wood floor firms, nevertheless, recommend that you first try such products in an isolated area – before you use it all over your floor.

  6. Furniture pads investment: To ensure that, your wood floors keep looking great – without any dents and scratches – invest in quality furniture pads for furniture pieces that are heavy. With the small yet mighty pads, you will be able to freely move any heavy items around on your floors without the risk of any damage.

  7. Area rugs: Ensure that dust remains contained close to doorways by strategically having longer doormats in such areas. Make sure that you utilize non-skid rug pads to avoid the risk of people slipping and falling. In addition, larger area rugs could also be positioned in areas that are known to feature high foot traffic levels on a daily basis. Such areas include the living room, the kitchen, and the bathroom.


These are the 7 must-know tricks and tips that will enable you to truly yet easily clean and maintain your high-end wood flooring. If you use them well, then you will be sure to maintain your floors to always look like new. After all, appearance and durability are among the foremost reasons why you opted for this kind of flooring in the first place.