11 Memorable Name Tattoo Ideas

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Getting a name tattooed on your body is something quite meaningful, especially if that specific person’s name has made a significant difference in your life or one who has brought you up. The trend of name tattoos has grown immensely, especially among teenagers.

Your name tattoo can include anyone’s name; it could be your parents’, friends’, or someone you may have lost. You can also get a name tattoo of your name to showcase how proud you are of yourself. Getting a Memorable Name Tattoo showcases how much that specific person means to you and how you want the world to know about their love and kindness.

There are many ways you can showcase your name tattoo, and to help you out, mentioned below are some exciting name tattoo ideas that you will love. We have also shared the right placement ideas for each idea. So happy name tattoo hunting!

  1. Initial Name Tattoo

If you don’t want to include the full name of the person in your tattoo, you can simply get the first letter of the name by trying out this initial name tattoo. This tattoo includes the first letter of the name inked in black.

You could also choose to get the first initial of both the first and last name tatted together. For a fuller look, you can add different symbols like hearts or doves near the letter. This tattoo would look even more special if you get your name’s initial tatted.

  1. Lovers name tattoo

If you are in love you may have your lover's name inked somewhere on you. A tattoo featuring your partner's name and a beautiful rose behind it will raise romantic feelings. Lovers highly go for the design.

  1. Simple Script Name Tattoo

If you’re looking for something simple, then you’ve found the right option as this simple script name tattoo will help you achieve one of the most subtle names tattoo looks. This tattoo includes a black inked name in a script font. This style suits anyone’s Memorable Name Tattoo you want to add. It will also look perfect for your name.

  1. Watercolor Name Tattoo

Take your name tattoo game to another level by trying out this watercolor name tattoo. This tattoo includes a name inked in back in a unique curvy font with splashes of color in the background that consist of pink, yellow, and blue.

  1. Floral Name Tattoo

If you want to add a feminine touch to your name tattoo, you should try out this floral name tattoo. This tattoo includes a red-inked flower with a small banner inked in black in which the person’s name appears. You can include your friend’s, mother’s, or grandmother’s name in this tattoo, as it has a feminine touch.

  1. Footprint Name Tattoo

You can also try out this meaningful footprint name tattoo and get your child’s name tattooed. This tattoo includes a black inked footprint with a name near it, inked in a curvy writing style. You can get the exact imprint of your child’s first footsteps tatted. This tattoo represents the joy, blessings, and the positive changes your kid has brought to your life.

  1. Sibling name tattoo

The relationship shared between siblings is the best. Regardless of the many arguments and quarrels, the love between siblings remains and they may do anything to get each other out of trouble.

If you love your sister or brother and you would like to express the love, you can go for the tattoo.

  1. Tribute Angel Wings Name Tattoo

If you want to get a tattoo of someone’s name in remembrance, then you should try out this tribute angel wings Memorable Name Tattoo. This tattoo includes two black and white inked angel wings with the person’s names tatted in the middle in black ink.

  1. Infinity Name Tattoo

This infinity name tattoo is one of the most extraordinary and cutest tattoos you will come across. This tattoo includes a brown rope-type infinity sign with the person’s name tatted along the lines of the sign.

For an additional touch, you can add a heart, flower, or even an anchor to make this tattoo more meaningful.

  1. Rose Family Tree Name Tattoo

If you want to get a tattoo with more than one name, then this rose family tree name tattoo is the perfect choice for you. This tattoo includes around four red-inked roses‘ inches apart, and near each rose is a banner, featuring a name.

  1. Heart-Shaped Name Tattoo

Try out this unique and trendy heart-shaped name tattoo and achieve one of the coolest tattoo looks. This tattoo consists of the person’s name you want in your tattoo inked in bold black ink with a 3D font. The name appears in a way that creates a minimal heart shape.

The Bottom Line

And there you have it! There are many ways to get a name tattoo. You have to think what size you would like to get, what font and where to place it. Men usually have it on their chest, at the upper back, forearms and belly.

Women put it anywhere they like, and to make it look cuter, you have to make sure you have researched enough fonts and print it on a bond paper so your Tattoo Shop in Mumbai artist could stencil it. You can also incorporate your name tattoo with your existing tattoos.

If you’re out of space already, you can get it bigger and bolder so that it will stand out.