-Solar Systems / Modules OneraSystems has been able to evolve as the leading Solar Energy provider in Egypt and the Middle East since its inception. OneraSystems has also executed large number of projects to serve a wide array of industries with special emphasis on GSM remote sites where the national grid is either absent or interrupted. OneraSystems has been quite successful in launching farfetched innovations in the off-grid system provision, either to the telecom sector, oil and gas, residential, or in healthcare. OneraSystems is the primary and business partner of world renowned suppliers that have been supporting OneraSystems with their projects. OneraSystems is proud to continue providing services to vital institutions locally and regionally. Stand Alone Systems Stand Alone Redundant Systems Hyprid Systems

- Wind Systems As a complementary measure with PV Solar Energy, OneraSystems was successful in introducing wind powered systems that aid in formulating hybrid systems to complement the night-time consumption of Solar Energy. We have been able to introduce Solar/Wind/hybrid systems in a number of GSM remote sites, in order to reach highly efficient and sustainable systems that run on seamless provisions of energy around the clock. OneraSystems is working closely with Wind turbine providers from all over the world to bring the most efficient and competent Hybrid solutions to its clients.

- Fuel cell In principle, a fuel cell operates like a battery. Unlike a battery, a fuel cell does not run down or require recharging. It will produce energy in the form of electricity and heat as long as fuel is supplied.

- Solar Controllers Solar Controllers are essential components in solar systems to regulate battery charging by the solar array. OneraSystems is using Solar Controllers from OutBack, Phocos, MorningStar and many manufacturers. Their importance arises from the safety features they provide, preventing battery bank overcharging during peak solar illumination during daytime and preventing rapid battery bank discharging during night time. They also have their own voltage control function to regulate solar power provided to charge batteries. Sophisticated Solar Controllers are designed to produce constantly changing or pulsed voltage and amperage output to efficiently utilize every minute of solar energy collection.