New Web TV Series asks entrepreneurs to submit their stories online for free exposure

San Francisco, CA, June 24, 2014 - Startups in Action, which has been airing nationally on broadcast AM radio announced that it is adding Web TV productions and distribution to its successful lineup..

"I wanted to do a an online TV series that would help jump-start the ideas of entrepreneurs, authors, experts, and others who are creating new jobs, even if only their own," said Hayes. "Right now, startup entrepreneurs are telling us that cash is flowing for them in the emerging crowdfunding market, and so we are putting s special focus there, but any startup may have a story for us," he added.


The Startups in Action series already airs on DailyMotion, CrowdFund Beat,, The Crowdfunding Network as well as national broadcast AM radio.

The segments have been airing on for over a year and is now planting its banner flag on new distribution channles and can additionally be seen on Daily Motion:

Creators of projects are invited to submit their stories via email to

For more information contact: Mike Hayes, Executive Producer, 415-781-9296

Press Contact:
Mike Hayes
Crowdfunding Intelligence
San Francisco, CA