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The our history

The Progetto Nova Arte has born in January 2007 when, in Italy, beginning a period of economic recession.

The tenacious partners, push the Company at look in different markets until to arrive in Egypt with a new industrial output, keeping the artistic and cultural identity. The logistics office, in Italy , becomed a springboard for all important international markets.

The aim of the Progetto Nova Arte is to continue to develop its culture in design and production through the continuous research of original, innovative, reliable solutions in order to divide and identify the environments, merging them with the light.

The Company has chosen to work with a methodology of continuous research and experimentation, giving rise to products in which ancient and unique craftsmanship is flanked by a dialogue with industry cutting-edge techniques.

Progetto Nova Arte has redesigned glass, placing it in the spaces of everyday life, pushing the limits of the usual methods of working with this ancient material.

Glass is a structural element that defines environments by dividing them without making them separate, allowing light to become a surface that refines and amplifies space through reflection. The Company combines aesthetics, functionality and innovation with complete security.

Glass Specifications:

Combines our production of glass between several features unique as possible to draw and planning any graphics on the glass without the need for cutting and welding which increases the safety factor where the glass which is used welding method is not fit to process  But our way is the introduction of the glass in the oven  and so is a case of safety in accordance with international standards , especially in the uses to which deals with human direct dealing such as doors , windows and bathroom and cabin lighting and other things. As the glass counter each erosion of air temperature and climatic conditions which is also an anti - chemicals and acids succession as he Anti- friction and scratching as he bear high temperature up to 820 degrees Celsius.

Modern Italian Art for Painting on Glass