Partnership with Exhibitions India Group


FeedsFloor is happy to announce media partnership with Exhibitions India Group. All exhibitions organized by Exhibitions India Group will also be featured digitally at FeedsFloor. See all the up and coming EXPOs here:

Upcoming exhibitions featured at FeedsFloor:

Convergence India is credited as South Asia’s largest ICT expo (read more here).

Internet of Things India EXPO will focus on the IoT ecosystem including governing bodies, hardware, software and services (read more here).

One Mega Event is the largest trade show and conference of its kind in the country to attract industry experts and leaders from the city, government and community to share their views and proposals to make cities more sustainable, efficient, transparent, and, above all, enhance the quality of life of its residents (read more here).

Buildings India EXPO (read more here).

Solar India EXPO (read more here).

Transport India EXPO (read more here).

Smart Cities India EXPO (read more here).

Water India EXPO (read more here).

Wellness India EXPO (read more here).

Krishi India EXPO empowers the rural poor. The expo strives to privilege small and marginal farmers who should be treated with dignity and respect for their sustainable advancement. (read more here).



The Exhibitions India Group is a trade promotion organisation creating opportunities for investments, joint ventures and technology transfers through the platform of international exhibitions and conferences. The group is an interface between Government, business, academia, society and media etc. Exhibitions India Group is the only trade fair and conference organizer in India with ISO 9001:2008 & ISO 14001:2004 . OHSAS 18001:2007 Certification.



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