How can a Facebook group compete with the established media


A Facebook group is a place for people to share their common interests by expressing their opinions, ask questions and discuss subjects that are of interest to them and relevant to the purpose of the group. As Facebook keeps tightening its algorithms for Facebook pages, Facebook groups are becoming a more interesting place to reach and engage your community.


An example of a fast growing community, where the discussions and engagement of community members are also flourishing, is the Danish Facebook group Aktieporteføljen (AP) (translated ‘Stock Portfolio’). We have talked to Andreas Rasmussen the initiator of Aktieporteføljen.


What is AP?

AP is Scandinavia’s largest investor community for private and institutional investors in equities, commodities, fixed income and debt, where members can exchange ideas and views on either specific investments or larger issues and market trends. It is free to be a member.


Why did you create Aktieporteføljen?

Before Aktieporteføljen, there was nothing out there, where anyone could debate financial news from all over the world and free of charge.


How did you grow and so fast?

The number of community members in AP is rapidly growing. We believe this is driven by increased awareness of financial markets, and a broadening of stock ownership among European investors. This has resulted in an increased demand for information regarding specific companies and their performance. The retail investor base is growing and is becoming much more demanding.

Since its launch, AP has been a huge success with an interaction between members rarely seen in the market and has resulted in an online community highly appreciated among the members. Currently AP has +42.500 members (growing at a rate + 1000) per month and includes representatives from the media, financial sector, private and institutional investors both in Denmark and abroad as well as corporations whose stock are sometimes the topic of discussion. Many of these have a vested interest in closely monitoring, what is happening within their community and how investors are thinking about specific opportunities or stocks.

Currently our community at Facebook has about 1 million views per month.


What is the plan for the future of AP?

Our objective is to be the center and hub where all companies PRE-IPO and those listed on the exchange presents their company and products towards all investors, via showrooms on FeedsFloor and in our Facebook groups. Furthermore, we are also looking to create better deals for our members in relation to trading and other more private services.


Sign up for Aktieporteføljen here.