Follow your favorite companies at FeedsFloor


At FeedsFloor, we are on a mission to help companies reach new customers and find suppliers. This we do by collaborating with chambers of commerces, exhibitions, trade organizations, individuals, Facebook groups, LinkedIn groups and many many more stakeholders who share the same mission.


Follow companies and stay updated on their last products & services

You can find relevant companies in the various showrooms hosted by our partners at FeedsFloor. You can then choose to FOLLOW your favorite companies and stay up-to-date on their latest products & services under MyFLOOR. If you like to know more, you can always contact the companies for more information or where to buy in your country, city or online.


Simple, transparent and fair pricing

When it comes to social media, everybody finds that many social platforms charge more and more money from you just to reach your existing fans and followers. At FeedsFloor, we have chosen to do things a different way. At FeedsFloor, you can reach up to 500 followers free of any charges and once you reach more than 500 followers, we merely charge an annual fee of EUR 39/USD 45/310 CNY to reach all your followers.


How does it work for followers?

1. Log in

2. Visit relevant showrooms and find companies you wish to FOLLOW

3. Click on FOLLOW

4. Find the latest products & news from the company under MyFloor (MyFeed)


How does it work for companies?

1. Log in

2. Publish a new product or service

3. Followers can now automatically see your new products & services at MyFloor (MyFeed)

4. You can choose to link directly from your website to your profile at FeedsFloor with MyWidget.






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