Does leaflet and flyer distribution work in the real world?

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More often than not, people doubt whether a flyer distribution is an effective tool or not. Well, to your surprise, leaflet distribution is the most effective way of promoting and marketing your products. It is in fact, one of the most used marketing tools to expose your offerings to the public, especially in case of small and medium enterprises.
The question is whether the leaflet and flyer distribution work in the real world or not? Well, it does work wonderfully.

Here is how and why they work….. 

1. Leaflets are more responsive.
When it comes to the responsiveness of an ad, leaflets do the job best. They are comparatively more responsive than any other form of marketing in the minimum budgets.

2. Leaflets create curiosity
Since leaflets and flyers can be made creatively and beautiful graphics are used in leaflets to demonstrate the product better, they are able to create curiosity. People who you hand them out feel like reading it, even if it is of not much use. For instance, you hand out a leaflet of the institute to someone who does not have kids, still the person would want to see it, unlike TVCs. 

The moment there is some TVC in between our favorite TV program, we immediately flip the channel. But that’s not the case with leaflets, we want to see them at least once. And the simple reason for that is the designing of the leaflet and use of graphics that make the leaflet creative, thereby increasing the readability. 

3. Leaflets are budget-friendly
We all know that not every business or product or service is meant to be advertised on the larger scale. There are businesses who do not need to spend a lot of money on TVCs or radio ads or billboards in order to raise awareness about their offerings. Of course, marketing is the tool to promote and brand your product, services, offering, events etc. 

However, we need to see whether or not the type of marketing tool we are choosing for our business is worth it. What is the point of spending a lot of money on TVCs for the sake for marketing and getting no results? Marketers understand this very well. Also, it is a myth that leaflets do not work in the real world or they are thrown in the trash bin. 

In fact, they work great, they are the best solution for small and medium sized businesses. Leaflets are the most budget-friendly marketing options. This is the option that costs you little too less and helps you get the best results, which is the ultimate aim of any company, be it large or small. 

4. Leaflets are less risky marketing options
Every marketer needs to consider two important things when planning to promote the brand, i.e., how much money will be involved and the ultimate goals. If the ultimate goal is not achieved even after spending a lot of money on an ad, then the whole lot of effort and money go into a toss. Just imagine a small scale startup restaurant putting up a lot of money on a radio advertising. And all his customers are from nearby areas. What is the point of spending a lot of money on a radio ad, when the goal could be achieved from leaflets? Overall restaurant owners are at a loss, because radio ads are really costly. 

On the other hand, people who spend on leaflets are at less risk. Leaflets are an extremely inexpensive option, and the risk of losing on promotion and branding is too less. This is also one reason people prefer to go for leaflets and flyers when it comes to choosing the best marketing tool.

5. Leaflets helps in dual marketing 
Another very important aspect of opting for leaflets and flyers is – they help in dual marketing. Leaflets allow you to market your product or services both offline and online. Yes, you can simply use the hardcopy of the leaflets to hand out to the people directly. This helps you spread awareness about any event or your brand to the people who you don’t know. And at the same time you can send leaflets and flyers across your database via the internet. It will help you tab those who are in connection or the ones who are already dealing with you. 

For instance, you plan to launch a new meal plan in your menu. The easiest is to go for leaflet designing and printing. Hire a trustworthy leaflet and flyer distributor in the area and get the offline job done by him. On the other hand, you can take care of your email marketing. All you have to do is send across the leaflet to your existing clients and on your database. Make sure you insert the leaflet, do not send it as attachment. People hardly open attachments, especially when it is not related to their work.


Say YES to leaflet and flyer distribution for the best results, they work really well in the real world!!