Content Formats For More Diversity, Engagement and Traffic


Whoever thinks that a pretty text with some nice information is enough to cast people under a spell, has obviously made the bill without the readers! They have long since become more demanding and in order to inspire them, you now need lavishly produced content and high quality content formats. Luckily there are a row of display formats that you can use for a good content strategy. In the following I therefore want to present a few examples in order to help you make your readers more engaged and allow for easier consumption of your websites’ content.

#1 Infographics

As the popular saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words. And this saying does in fact hold a lot of truth because people absorb visual stimuli faster than plain text based information. They can understand them better and it stays in their memory for a longer time. Infographics are therefore the ideal way and will get the point across to your readers. As the name suggest it is a link between information and graphics.People love facts, illustrations, and statistics that can be combined in infographics.They are therefore suitable to even explain the most complex connections in an easily understood way and are visually appealing which helps to wake the readers’ interests.

They also offer the possibility to portray specific circumstances for informative as well as funny or absurd contents in an innovative way. A further crucial advantage of infographics is the fact that they can be easily integrated and are more easily processed. Infographics offer a good link potential since they are visually appealing, informative and thus more easily accessible to the reader. According to the audience the emphasis on information and entertainment is decisive. The integration of the brand logo contributes to increase brand awareness.

#2 Interactive Graphics

Image result for Interactive Graphics

Just like infographics, interactive graphics speak to the user through visual stimuli. On top of that they offer the possibility to not only consummate content passively but to actively influence it. This fact provides a major entertainment factor and a diversified user experience. Due to the non-linear structure the user can self-explore the content piece without following a predetermined path as it is commonly the case in texts. Interactive graphics are more memorable and the information stays in mind for longer than information that is absorbed through plainly reading text.

#3 Expert Interviews and Portraits

Opinions and statements of experts are generally given high priority within a community. Naturally we trust in a person who has experience with the topic or who has professionally specialized himself with the specific circumstances and gained (technical) expertise. An amateur is not as easily trusted. Experts such as Lilo enhance the credibility of an article which also spikes the interest of the reader. Interviews are exceptional since the personal note and the individual answers that the interview adds to the article ensures an exclusive content that can offer the reader innovatory value.

Content of this kind specifically spikes the interest of the reader because of its exclusivity.  Portraits bring the reader closer to the portrayed person and his work. At the same time it has informative character. You can offer a good balance of factually informative and emotional and entertaining content. Expert interviews und portraits also have the advantage that the interviewee will most likely share and / or link the contribution.

#4 Text and Picture Tutorials

Instructions and tutorials where the user can gain learning value are also widely popular online. “Do it yourself” is enjoying massive popularity. More and more people are looking for instructions that can help them to learn different things. Tutorials are like a type of electronic instruction manual or guideline. Because every step is specifically explained it makes it easier for the consumer to understand the individual steps and apply them himself. Tutorials now exist in just about every sector of daily life, from cooking specific meals, to crafting, building, and sowing enabling the newcomer an easier access to a specific subject.