Best promotion method to increase YouTube views

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get more YouTube videos views

Below are five important tips to get more views for your YouTube video.

1.   Make Your YouTube video SEO friendly:

You can increase your video rank by simply using keywords in the video description, file name and writing 20 tags for every video. This technique is very helpful but it will not get your video at the top of Google or YouTube. Because everyone on YouTube is doing the same things. Basically there are 5 ranking factors that will help your video rank high in Google or YouTube. Once you apply these ranking factors in your videos your video rank will defiantly rank high and you will start getting more views on YouTube videos. Below are 5 ranking factors for your YouTube video

a.     Create and publish long video

b.     Master the hook

c.      Use an exact keyword in your title

d.     Say your keyword in your video

e.     Make use of user interaction signals

2.   Advertise on Facebook smartly:

Facebook plays a huge role in promoting your YouTube videos to get more video views. You will get lots of traffic through Facebook advertisements. While targeting the Facebook audience it is always better to target 1000 niche audiences than millions of audiences who are not in your niche. You can also target your niche audience worldwide geographical location on Facebook. Make proper utilization of CPC (cost per click) while using the Facebook advertisement.

3.   Establish a YouTube brand

Create your brand for your YouTube channel so that you can have a lot more flexibility using it.  Having a brand account or brand channel gives you more flexibility with your YouTube account. You don’t need to give login details to the people; you can add managers on various levels on your channel so that they can do some of your work for you without having to disclose your private login details. You can use whatever name you want on your channel. You can include up to 50 managers and you don’t need to provide personal details.

4.   Combine your blog:

A blog helps users to go in more detail than video. It helps the users to read the topic due to proper headlines usage.  The entire content management platforms have made it easy to embed a video. Although Google search engine like video, sometime it may not understand it in depth. Make use of the proper title and description for your video.  Always be aware of duplicate content, this will have a bad effect on the SEO of your YouTube channel. Always try to keep your video in the category as you use on a blog. This will help to get more views for your YouTube videos.

5.   Proper Influencers Utilization:

If you are not leveraging influencers in a positive way it is related then, it’s not going to help you. Influencer helps you to target your niche audience.  It is a very simple task to promote YouTube videos among the people you know better.  An influencer opinion matters a lot. It is also helpful to draw more traffic to your YouTube video and thus you will get more YouTube video views for your channel.